Bongalo App Makes the House Search Process Romantic

Bongalo App Makes The House Search Process Easy

 Finding a suitable apartment that matches your taste is now a child's play in Cameroon with the Bongalo App. Bongalo is a mobile application...
africa takes center stage in sci-tech awards

Cameroon And Togo Take Center Stage at Sci-Tech Awards

For ages, Africa has proven to be lagging behind when it comes to science and technology and seen the Western world take central stage...
More African Fintech startups on the rise-Disrupt Africa reports

African Fintech Startups on the Rise – Disrupt Africa Reveals

Apart from South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya which are thriving in the aspect of startups, other local FinTech ecosystems have begun to emerge according...
The New Instagram Feature Hides Your Dirty Laundry From the Public

The New Instagram Feature Hides Your Dirty Laundry From the Public

Facebook-owned Instagram has launched a novel feature that permits users to hide photos from public display. The new Instagram feature called ''Archive'' enables you...
kenya fastest mobile internet

Kenya: Home to Africa’s Fastest Mobile Internet

Slow internet connectivity could just be that one thing killing business in Africa. The situation, however, appears to be improving with the recent news...
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Bitcoin Regulations in Africa

Bitcoin, launched in 2008, is widely known as an online payment system integrated with peer-to-peer functionality and created by an anonymous user called Satoshi...
Vodafone Cameroon suffers major network blackouts

The Hustler’s Digest – Vodafone Cameroon Suffers Network Blackouts

AfricaAfrican fashion designers will emerge as powerful fashion CEOsAfrica’s fashion industry doesn’t lack creativity or access to finance. But most African fashion entrepreneurs seem...
marketing automation for african businesses

Why African Businesses Should Invest in Marketing Automation Software

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, one of the fastest ways small businesses across Africa can sustain and survive the market is by achieving more...


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