marketing automation for african businesses

Why African Businesses Should Invest in Marketing Automation Software

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, one of the fastest ways small businesses across Africa can sustain and survive the market is by achieving more...
how king chris built the largest graphic design house in buea

How King Chris Built the Largest Graphic Design House in Buea

Entrepreneurship in Africa has become a valuable source of livelihood for many young Africans and the graphic design industry has equally become lucrative as...
business collaboration

Why Collaboration is Important for Your Business

Collaboration between competitors has become a new trend in the business industry. Nine out of ten startups fail under 5 years of being in the business arena....
email marketing in africa

8 Tips to Help African Businesses Design Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has become one of the most powerful business marketing tools. Sadly, many African businesses are not aware of the power that comes...
why your b2b business in africa needs a blog

Why Your B2B Business in Africa Needs a Blog

Getting your business noticed is probably not a hard thing to do but it turns out many businesses still find it really hard to...
Mobile-centric: ultimate marketing strategy for small businesses

Mobile or Die:Ultimate Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses in Africa

Almost every startup or small business today has a website where they list their products and services, talk about what they do and why...
Louis Fame launches maiden fashion exhibition show

Louis Fame Unveils Maiden Fashion Exhibition Show

Until now, Buea has moved from being a tech hub and is gradually becoming a general-purpose hub of Cameroon. The entrepreneurial world is seamlessly...
Meet Cameroon's leading Snail Farmer, Rofur Mbukur

Meet Cameroon’s Leading Snail Farmer, Rofur Mbukur

Rofur Mbunkur is one of Cameroon's leading urban snails farmer. This all round entrepreneur is absolutely revolutionalising the concept of snail consumption and farming in...
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Latest article

Facebook Data Scandal and Political Electioneering in Africa

Facebook Data Scandal and Political Electioneering In Africa: What Went Wrong?

The Social Media giant, Facebook, has always made users of the platform to believe that their data were safe. However, a recent scandal within...
Ward Zee Teaser Released

Watch Teaser of the Most Anticipated 2018 Movie “Ward Zee” by Itambi Studios

In a buildup to the launch of the Psycho-Thriller movie, Ward Zee, ITAMBI STUDIOS in collaboration with COREUNIT GROUP and GOLDEN EFFECTS PICTURES, are proud to...
Makonjo Media Offers To Build Free Websites For Non-Profits

Makonjo Media Offers To Build Free Websites For Buea-based Non-Profits

Makonjo Media is offering an opportunity to build the websites of 3 Buea-based non-profit organizations or associations for free. Leaders of organizations willing to...

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