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the hustler's digest-orange cameroun-camtel battle finally put to rest

The Hustler’s Digest – Orange Cameroun-Camtel Battle Finally Put to Rest

AfricaNigeria invents new technology to prevent food poisoningThe Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) bag technology has been instituted to put an end to the wrong...
Skyhigh University partners with West African Insurance Institute

Skyhigh University to Deliver Certified Insurance in Cameroon with Gambia’s WAII

In the quest to provide certified insurance tutoring for Cameroonians, Skyhigh University Centre (SUC) Douala, has partnered with the West African Insurance Institute (WAII),...
The Hustler's Digest - Kiro'o Games Secures Sponsorship for Rebuntu Platform

The Hustler’s Digest – Kiro’o Games Secures Sponsorship for Rebuntu Platform

AfricaAfter creating 160.000 jobs, 1.300 Afripreneurs descend to Lagos for the TEF entrepreneurship forumTony Elumelu has once again, unleashed the continent’s most potent development...


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