Melissa Bime Becomes Second Female to Win the Anzisha Prize

When Melissa Bime had to witness the countless deaths in the hospital where she worked as a nurse, it broke her heart. At just 18 years old, she started a platform that would go on to help hundreds of hospitals in Cameroon. Melissa Bime recently emerged winner of the Grand Prize of the Anzisha Prize competition.

What Do You Do During Your Free Time?

How you spend your free time can actually have a big impact on your success in the professional world. These idle days are increased by the ‘ghost town’ days of insecurity. But my question to you is, “what do you make of these days?” Do you; Spend every single hour on social media? I remember my younger cousin sent me a message at 10 pm asking for airtime because she wanted to rejoin some WhatsApp chat.

Job Hunting Wasn’t Helping, So I Created CREMAH Africa To Help Youths Achieve Financial Freedom

I grew up in a society that valued schooling as the only means of securing a good source of income. Everything was going on well until I enrolled at the university. That was the first time I left my parents’ house.

Damien Kake Becomes First Cameroonian to Win the Microsoft MVP

According to Pele, “Success is no accident.” It is definitely a fact that your hard work speaks for you even while you are asleep. Recently, Microsoft MVPs nominations were made and amongst the new MVPs this year, a Cameroonian was present for the first time ever.

Are Your Product Photos Ruining Your Business?

This article was originally published by Samuel Anoke Ebanja on the Wazota Blog. When buyers see products they wish to buy they can click on these product pictures and talk to sellers directly through Whatsapp or SMS.   Good photography is crucial if you are selling products online, and it is not hard to see why.

African Odyssey: The True Journey of Africa’s Heroes

Do Africans on the continent know their true history? Certainly, very few do and many still do not. Much of this is because our history as a continent had been “colonized,” twisted, and re-written. In this series, Jackson N.

How I Founded ANC Stock Investment Through Grit

It was during my second year at the university that my business life started. At first, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do to get this money. But later on, I had decided I’d take up a part-time teaching job.

How to Start and Make Money From a Mushroom Business

So many years ago, mushroom was not cultivated. But with the increase in deforestation and urbanization in recent years, mushroom is now being cultivated and this ensures that we continue to enjoy this wonderful delicacy. It is no doubt becoming a potentially untapped gold-mine in the world today.

Teenage Pregnancies in Africa: Who’s Responsible?

What first comes to mind when you hear of teenage pregnancies? This question signifies so many things to different people. A majority of the victims in regret and frustration, try to take away the lives of the innocent children growing within them. I would say all of the above opinions are nothing but the reality.

The Foundation Stone of Leadership All Entrepreneurs Must Know – Part 3

In the previous articles of this series, I looked deeply into some of the most critical issues regarding leadership. That’s the focus of this article. Today, just about everyone wants to be a leader or at least, be called one.

The Hustler’s Digest – Black Panther forces America to celebrate Africa

Today’s Quote “In Tanganyika we believe that only evil, Godless men would make the color of a man’s skin the criteria for granting him civil rights”. Africa Teleology Holdings won the bid on 9mobile acquisition Last month, Teleology Holdings and Smile Communications were the only two telcos that had placed substantial bids to acquire 9mobile. Each of them bade $500 million and $300 million, respectively.

Strike Updates in University of Buea – Late Registration Fee Suspended

The Registrar of the University of Buea Professor Roland Ndip has announced that the 10,000frs late registration fee to be paid by students, has been suspended. Speaking in an interview with Crtv, Professor Roland Ndip said these measures were taken to discipline students who are lax in paying their fees to pay their fees. In one month, 14,000 students out of 20,000 have paid their fees.

Ekema Patrick Organizes an Event for Biya’s End of Year Speech

Ekema Patrick, the Lord Mayor of the Buea municipal council has announced an event to pull denizens of his municipality on new year's eve, 31st of December...

The Hustler’s Digest – Facebook Is In Red-hot Waters

Today’s Quote Africa Nigeria’s Paystack partners with Truecaller for secure payments Nigerian startup, Paystack has partnered Swedish caller ID firm Truecaller to allow more merchants across Africa to accept payments online in a frictionless and secure manner by leveraging Truecaller’s mobile identity product Truecaller SDK. Previously, all merchants that used Paystack, which processes nearly 20%t of all online transactions in 

The Outcome of Ni John Fru Ndi’s Rally in Buea

Before the massive protest that took place in Buea, the National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi and the District chairman of the National Democratic Front (SDF) were under hotel arrest at the parliamentary flat Hotel Buea today Monday the 5th of December 2016. They were held incommunicado by Biya’s forces in their hotel suites. “Let me die in Buea,” John Fru Ndi throws out excellent speech to thousands of protesters fighting for secession or Federalism on the dialogue