Africa Without Borders: Ethiopia Follows Rwanda’s Footsteps

For years, borderless travel has been a dream across Africa, with the potential to boost the continent’s growth. Now, some African countries are taking bold steps to encourage borderless travel that could spur trade and economic growth on a continent in desperate need of both. After Kenya, Rwanda, and others, Ethiopia is now the latest African nation to join the bandwagon.

Africa Squaring up to Combat Power Crisis through Solar Energy

Electrical energy supply has been, and is still a major challenge in Africa. Most African countries have seen the need to overcome this challenge with the help of solar energy. Soon, most African countries like Morocco and Zimbabwe will be saying goodbye to blackout as they embrace this new initiative.

The Hustler’s Digest – Trump-Kim: A Technology to Denuclearize North Korea?

Today’s Quote “Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace” US President Donald Trump Africa Morocco and Nigeria take on next steps for gas pipeline deal Morocco and Nigeria signed a joint declaration on Sunday, laying out the next steps to complete the gas pipeline deal. Rumors of this agreement first emerged in December 2016. Both countries launched feasibility studies to this effect and ended with a plan to build the pipeline onshore and offshore.

Lenali Oral App to Provide ‘Illiterates’ in Africa the Comfort of the Online World

Illiteracy has been one of the factors of underdevelopment in Africa. To solve this problem, it was necessary to create the Lenali Oral App for ‘illiterates’. Congratulations to Malian entrepreneur, 44 year old Mamadou Gouro who has created the Lenali app, an oral-based platform.

China’s Infrastructure Grants to Africa and the Missing Local Content in Usage

Is it fair to say that China, through her infrastructure grants is Africa’s “Santa Claus”? As what can be described as the “second scramble” for Africa heightens, China’s influence on the continent is ever alarming. It’s a mission in which she certainly wants to assert herself as the world’s future center of global economic determinism. This, probably, explains her massive infrastructure grants/loans to African institutions and states.

Ambitious Entrepreneur Turns Desire into an International Humanity Travel Agency

In the heart of every entrepreneur lies an unseen burning desire to do something special. The story of Njoka Walter Laye, founder of the outstanding travel agency, Fly International Company (FICO) Limited is a rare one and cannot go unnoticed. “I came up with the idea of starting FICO because it’s something I had in mind a long time ago to help people towards their desire or motive to travel.

Digital Renter Wants To Help Students Make Money From Their Hostels

With a goal to bring consistency and order in the accommodation sector, Digital Renter has launched a campaign for students who wish to rent their rooms to submit their requests on Digital Renter’s platform. Digital Renter is known for its goal to provide accommodation with less stressful procedures. It does this just by providing houses for rent and their locations on its platform.

Rise of An African-Induced Innovation – Solar Powered Car in Kenya

Kenyan student, Samuel Karumbo, has graced Kenya and Africa with an amazing solar-powered car. It had become a common thing to read mostly negative things about Africa. Today, however, that conception is fast changing as African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa are fast making their way in the technology industry.

Principles of Success for Young African Entrepreneurs Part 1

Life is full of principles and it has its own ways of treating anyone who goes against these principles. This is because they often fail to follow or find out the necessary principles of the business before going in to it. However, this article will reveal some basic principles of success which famous entrepreneurs have used and it will help you in your journey as an entrepreneur.

The Hustler’s Digest – MTN Ghana Pioneers MoMo-powered IPO in Africa

Today’s Quote “We want our money safer than our selfies” Paypal Africa With MTN Ghana, you can buy shares from your MoMo wallet Africa’s largest telecoms operator, MTN is going public in its third largest African market–Ghana. MTN Ghana is offering its shares to the general public! That means, you too can own shares in Ghana’s No. 1 network.

Kwesé Sports Brings Back ESPN to Africa

It’s been three years since ESPN terminated its services in Africa. Going across 19 countries in Africa, ESPN will air (exclusive to Kwesé ) in the continent early next year. In 2013, ESPN pulled their ESPN and ESPN Classic channels from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

How Media 256 Earned their Title as Africa’s HBO.

The entertainment industry in Africa has taken a whole new turn in the past few years. Amazing how much people are investing in this sector. Media 256 is redefining video making on the African continent.

Blanche Bailly Releases a New Video Titled “Kam We Stay”

Blanche Bailly, Cameroon’s sensational musician has released another video titled “Kam We Stay”. Her coming unto the music stage is to say something different and   in a unique way. “Kam We Stay” is a very relatable song that has a clear message about how a romantic relationship should go and is against cohabitation fondly referred to as “Kam We Stay”.

Video! Guess This Unbeatable Best Song of the Year – P Diddy, DJ Khaled, Black Eyed Peas, & More

#Black Eyed Peas just finished their latest project of releasing a new version of the legendary song “Where is the Love”. No point writing much. Just watch the song right here.

Wireless Entertainment Platform for Buses Launched by a Musango Bus Service

Adieu to long hours of tedious, painful traveling. Technology company, VIVA recently launched its wireless entertainment platform on commercial buses at the Mile 17 car park in Buea. This platform is designed to keep passengers entertained during long, boring distances as well as educate them on the cultural diversity that resides in Cameroon.