Togo’s Government Dares To Develop Rural Areas Through ‘PayAsYouGo’ Model

The stakes of digital revolution is a vector for development in rural areas. The PayAsYouGo model is the solution. According to Minister of Posts and Digital Economy of Togo, Madam Cina Lawson, to reduce poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, it is necessary to make growth inclusive.

The Hustler’s Digest – Uber Eats South Africa’s orderTalk

Today’s Quote “The fact is that the amount of money startups raise in their seed and Series A rounds is inversely correlated with success.9 million to improve access to credit for Africa’s MSMEs Globally, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are one of the strongest drivers of economic development, innovation, and employment. Yet, access to finance is a critical barrier to growth for these businesses.

How Samuel Alemayehu Is Turning Ethiopia’s Mountain of Trash Into an Energy Vault

Ethiopia is currently building Africa’s first waste-to-energy plant, Reppie, that will convert trash into electricity. At best, waste ends up in vast landfill sites. At worst, it is simply dumped around Africa’s towns and cities.

African Female Entrepreneur to Attend Blackbox for Silicon Valley

Gone are the days of traditional subjugation of the African woman. In order to strengthen the horns of female entrepreneurship, Blackbox provides an annual opportunity to connect and mentor over 15 female entrepreneurs around the world. Among the privileged female entrepreneurs for this year, Iman Cooper is the only candidate from Africa.

Agripreneurs on a Drive to Promote Food Security in Africa

Just as Africa’s population is growing massively by the day, the demand for food supply becomes the talk of the day. Faced with this challenge,  agripreneurs are devising possible solutions to this without waiting for the governments. Agriculture appears to be the most important sector of the Africa economy, but what becomes of Africa if this sector sinks? Indeed, it’s high time Africans rose to see what can be done to save humanity.

Digital Renter Makes Major Upgrade To Its Interface: “Design for Humans”

In an effort to ease navigation and provide easy access to property listings, landlord and caretaker information on its platform, Digital Renter has launched a new user interface termed, “Design for Humans. It's #DDay. We will be #releasing the new #userinterface for #DigitalRenter today 15th May, 4pm.

The Hustler’s Digest – HTC’s Joining A Blockchain Smartphone Revolution

Today’s Quote “The blockchain cannot be described just as a revolution.” William Mougayar Africa NIPC launches iGuide Nigeria The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) has formally launched the iGuide Nigeria, an online guide to doing business in Nigeria. According to a statement from the Commission, the iGuide is an easy-to-use online platform providing investors with up-to-date and pertinent information on the processes, procedures and basic costs of doing business in Nigeria.

Silicon Mountain Software Developers Win Google Udacity Scholarship

Our Fears are our only Limitation Some Silicon Mountain Web-Developers who decided to face their fears by applying for the Google Udacity Scholarship have won the 2nd phase of the competition. When we take a grasp of the price from afar, we see reasons to go for it. But when we take a look at the challenges we decide to give up.

The Hustler’s Digest – Ghana’s Mobile Money Systems Go Interoperable

Today’s Quote “Opportunities for interoperability arise where interconnections with external parties can create greater value for customers and service providers than a single mobile money service provider can create alone.” Mahindra Comviva Africa Startupbootcamp Africa has  partnered with Google to support startups The Google Cloud Startup Programme intends to help startups build and scale using the Google Cloud Platform. This partnership will offer selected startups for the Cape Town-based accelerator more than US$20,000 worth of tech support.

The Hustler’s Digest – Orange Cameroon Dancing to the Tune of Digital Education

Today’s Quote “Education is a sector in transition.” Ian Fordham, Microsoft Africa $20m investment by MainOne in Cote d’Ivoire for provision of wholesale connectivity services The Nigerian open-access connectivity services provider group, MainOne is to invest $20m in Cote d’Ivoire for provision of wholesale connectivity services. This is after it obtained the  C1B license from Minister Bruno Koné, the country’s Minister for Communication, Digital Economy and Postal Services.

France24 Confirms Silicon Mountain As Kamer’s Leading Tech Community

Dereck Thomson, a reporter from France24 recently visited Cameroon’s tech ecosystem and the vibrant Silicon Mountain community  of Buea being his target. These young engineers and entrepreneurs are very passionate about their art.   Some months back, the BBC took this Silicon Mountain community by surprise and termed it “the home of innovation”.

OgaVenue raises a cool $45,000 Investment Seed

It seems like the rest of us are just lazying about on this continent, while these young entrepreneurs (afro hustlers) keep grabbing money from all ends. Not like it’s all about money, though. Ok! What were we saying…Spark and Hotels.

Charly B ft Mr Leo: Love Na Love Remix

Charley B of Zion record has recently released a new track (video) titled love ‘na love’, which is a remix of a song previously released, featuring Mr Leo. Previously, Charley B ignited his music career with an epic love song  ”love na love ” which caught the attention of every music lover, especially in Cameroon.  Moreover, this magnificent song was produced by Cameroons uprising visual experts Dr Nkeng Stephens & Yonka Watch & enjoy.

President Paul Biya is Seriously Sick

President Paul Biya’s presence has not been felt immediately after the celebration of the 56th anniversary of the independence of Cameroon where his vehicle broke down before a large crowd at the grandstand. According to a military source, the head of the republic of Cameroon is seriously ill of  prostate cancer. He has been battling with this for a while now and he’s currently undergoing treatment in Germany.

Shocking!! Cameroon Male Singer Achalle Dead

Shocking! Achalle the famous singer is dead.m. at Limbe General Hospital.