The Making of Africa’s Silicon Valley

There are many tech hubs in Africa, from iHub in Kenya to ActivSpaces in Cameroon. While we strive to make these peculiar spaces of creativity relevant to the economies and lives of the citizens, they will be more productive if they could mimic the infrastructures – both soft and hard – that existed even before Silicon Valley became a hub for tech innovation. Taking e-commerce as an example, it is a sector that can change the lives of developers and non-developers alike.

Meet Arrey Bate, the Assiduous Entrepreneur and the Brain Behind ArreyB Media

Popularly called ARREYB, Arrey Bate is one of Cameroon’s most prominent political bloggers, journalist and media consultant. Bate founded ARREYB Media some 15 months ago. But it has grown to become one of Cameroon’s most prominent and widely recognized media with a monthly viewership of more than 50.

Javnyuy Joybert, Empowerment Strategist & Coach Organizes “A Date With Success” Event

Young, dynamic and talented Javnyuy Joybert keeps paddling across the waves of societal difficulties to see his dream come true.  COSDEF is an African holding Social Enterprise with 4 subsidiaries. So far, the Cameroonian social enterprise has through its four startups spread across education, employment, finance, and ICT.

CEO of MFS Africa Speaks About Investing in Africa’s Fintech Sector

The Pan-African fintech company-MFS Africa recently announced its second close of Series B funding round. MFS Africa is a pan-African fintech company with the largest digital payments network on the continent. It connects mobile money systems to each other and to money transfer organizations.

The Cameroonian Farmer: 7 Major Challenges Plaguing the Tomato Value Chain

Those working in agricultural development in developing countries have used the agricultural value chain concept since the beginning of the millennium. But agricultural value chain is increasingly used to describe approaches aimed at improving market prospects and improving profit margins. Value chain development is key and a great strategy to reduce rural poverty in developing countries.

UN Africa Digital Identity Advisory Board Welcomes Cameroon’s Tech Womanpreneur

In April last year, Rebecca Enonchong was elected AfriLabs’ Board Chair, replacing Nigeria’s Michael Oluwagbemi. The Firebrand advocate of both human and digital rights has stepped into the United Nations Africa Digital Identity Advisory Board. As a member of the UN Africa Digital Identity Advisory Board, she is expected to share her know-how on digital technologies to the board alongside Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

There’s No Better Life Abroad: Why African Youths Should Harness Their Skills

European economies stand strong today because its citizens were encouraged and are still being encouraged to embrace entrepreneurship. We, Africans have been blessed with natural resources and human skills. All these, if properly harnessed and used, the rest of the world will envy us.

Could Rwanda Be Leading the Construction of Africa’s Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is unquestionably the world’s largest tech hub, home to many startups and global technology firms. Until recently, Rwanda has proven to be one of the world’s fastest-growing economies as it constructs the Kigali Innovation City (KIC) which is poised to become Africa’s own Silicon Valley. The Kigali Innovation City, a Private-Public Partnership between the Rwandan government and Africa50, an infrastructure investment platform, will serve as Africa’s Silicon Valley.

Snail Farming in Cameroon: How to Farm These Slow Creatures for Profits

Snail farming is one of the top interesting business opportunities on the continent and Cameroon in particular. Their high protein, low fat, and cholesterol content make them a nutritional favorite. The high demand for snails at home and abroad has created an opportunity in the market.

Get To Know Mac Alunge, the Brain Behind Strawacademy Africa

This article was originally submitted to Afro Hustler by Mac Alunge, one of Cameroon’s most recognizable voices in the entrepreneurship and spoken-word poetry sectors. African countries have begun to lead the world in agriculture, technology, and innovation-based entrepreneurship. In a bid to create employment, eradicate poverty/hunger and build sustainable economies, Africa has seen the rise in entrepreneurship and business creation now more than any other time in its history.

Buea Mayor: The outcome of the Buea Rally

The lord mayor of the Buea council, Ekema Patrick addressed the people of Buea yesterday the 30th of November 2016 at the Buea independence square. The mayor led the crowd to  present the grievances of the people in a memorandum, to the Governor of the South West, Bernard Okalia Bilai. He negotiated the immediate release of all those detained during the strike action on Monday the 28th of November.

President Paul Biya’s 2016 End of Year Speech

Fellow Cameroonians, My Dear Compatriots, The year 2016 which is drawing to an end was marked by many events of great significance for our nation. Donors, including the International Monetary Fund, hailed the resilience of our economy despite an unfavourable context. Our defence and security forces beat back Boko Haram and put it on the defensive.

Samsung SmartShoes Now Available!!

The korean giant Samsung will soon announce at the Mobile World Congress next week the release of a pair of Samsung smart shoes. The shoes are embedded with sensors that can detect your balance and posture and then use that information to offer tips on improving your fitness regimen or golf swing. The product is called Iofit, and, at least, two models are being made: one that looks like a running shoe and is meant primarily for strength workouts, and another that looks 

3 Reasons Cameroon Security Workers Deny Yellow Uniforms Proposed by Government

The Cameroonian government in a bit to reform the security and surveillance profession in Cameroon has announced a series of rules. Among the rules is the harmonization of uniforms, which is disagreeable to many security workers. Private security firms in Cameroon have several uniforms for their security workers, something which the government is not pleased with.

Mile 17 Motor Park Fence Project is Estimated at FCFA 40M

The foundation stone of the Mile 17 Motor Park fence projected was laid in the early hours of today by the Mayor of the Buea Rural Council, Mr. The project is estimated to cost about FCFA 40M The Mile 17 Motor Park is one of the busiest places in the Southwest Capital, Buea, as commuters, traders and drivers converge here on a daily basis. On an average day, one is sure to find hundreds of people coming into town or boarding cars to ferry them to different destinations, while others are permanently stationed there for selling articles and