Achille Mbembe Wins the €100,000 Gerda Henkel Prize for Research

Achille Mbembe, the Cameroonian intellectual and leading voice in discussions around “African Futures,” has made Africa proud. The 100,000 euro ($116,100) prize is for those conducting outstanding research in science and the humanities. The selection committee for the Gerda Henkel Prize receives hundreds of nominations from research institutions all over the world.

5 Important Leadership Skills You Need to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Almost every young entrepreneur aspires to be a good leader, but not all can actually handle the responsibilities that come with it. It is easy to single-handedly manage a business.

Four Interesting Facts About the Business World

As the earth continues to revolve around the sun, the business world is becoming savvier and so must new entrepreneurs. In this light, they think the journey is difficult. Looking at the responsibility that comes with entrepreneurship, most youths have decided to forsake the business world while some see it as a place for non-educated people.

Cameroonian Entrepreneurs — Beggars or Producers?

Fundraising is one of the most difficult aspects of the life of a Cameroonian tech entrepreneur, and to a greater extent, entrepreneurs in most of sub-Saharan Africa. They need funds to get the right people to work with them and to buy the most necessary inputs. Funds are needed all the way through.

4 Ways You can Avoid business failures as an Entrepreneur

The thought of experiencing a business failure is one thing young entrepreneurs minimize when starting up a business. The tips below will help you to prevent any business failure. Follow them keenly.

An idea, a project? Sign up for the ActivSpaces Incubation Program

Are you young, brave, motivated, ambitious? Convinced that your idea or project can improve the lives of people in Cameroon, Africa and even the world? Or are you an entrepreneur or project developer in the field of Technology? Register from August 10 to 25, 2018 for the ActivSpaces Incubation Program. Follow a coaching framework that helps you clarify your business idea while defining your project. The program foresees a duration of 3 months of incubation, marked by a personalized follow-up.

CEO of Agro-Hub Atem Ernest Shares His Thoughts on Entrepreneurial Leadership

Politicians are not the only leaders that exist. A leader creates an inspiring vision, motivates and inspires people to be part of that vision. These are not just characteristics of political leadership, but also entrepreneurial leadership.

Code213 Coding School Opens a Wider Market for Algeria’s Army of Unemployed Youths

A common problem which most African countries face is the problem of unemployment. It wouldn’t be out of place to say that many lack jobs because there is always this dream to work with the government.  Thus, a developed private sector can generate better jobs to fight unemployment.

Jim Bakoume: The Social Entrepreneur who is Creating Solutions

Jim Bakoume is a Cameroonian social entrepreneur and founder of Splufic Studio. He makes sure that his business solutions are as humanly friendly as possible. It is this spirit that  the entrepreneur ventured into technology, to make his business venture a successful one.

Paul Fokam Opens Another Platform to Reward Excellence

The PKFokam Institute believes Knowledge is the inexhaustible source of wealth par excellence. This was during the launch of the second edition of its awards, named “PKFokam Awards for Science and Technology.” This competition has as main objective to reward the best innovative initiatives and is open since July 15, 2018, and will run until November 15, 2018.

Sunjo Kia Talk Show – We Talk About Everything

Cameroonian YouTube vlogger  Sunjo Kia, is one of very few who is doing all she can to educate Cameroonians on so many aspects of life. On the Sunjo Kia show, she educates youths on almost every aspect of life from education, career paths, relationships, lifestyle, culture, etc. It’s on this show where you’ll get to be informed on some of the best spots in the Country when it comes to shopping, restaurants, hotels, schools, snack bars, etc.

Tikay’s Bridal: Cameroon’s First Online Platform For Wedding Planning.

The structure of Cameroonian weddings has really stayed the same for decades now. Tikay’s Bridal is an online platform that provides  rich resources for Cameroonian couples seeking reliable information on local wedding vendors,  as well as useful tips on #wedding planning. Tikay’s  Bridal  will serve as the Platform you need as you plan to celebrate the most important day of your life.

FREE! 5 Days of the Christmas Season with IYA Buea

IYA Buea is organising a series of very special Christmas season events.  IYA is a fine restaurant in Buea that pays homage to Cameroon’s rich & diverse gastronomy and cultural heritage. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be part of these events (amazing cocktails you don’t want to miss).

Ladies Here is How to Spot a Mature Man.

There’s a few behavioral traits that differentiate boys from men, as well as an immature man from a mature man. You can bear with me that, there are 40-year-olds who act like children. The following traits  will help you recognize one.

Lupita Nyong’o Stuns in Kibonen NY Dress by Cameroon’s Kibonen Nfi.

Lupita Nyong’o is one of Africa’s most celebrated stars. Lupita is the first Kenyan to win an Oscar, the first African actress to win Best Actress in a Supporting Role and the first Mexican-born actress to win an Oscar. Are awards all there’s is to know about Lupita? She’s got quite a lot to her credit from acting to dressing style.