Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence doesn’t Necessarily Guarantee Success in Life

We are in an era where academic excellence is overrated! Back in my school days, my dad always said this to my face ''I...
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Instagram Stories has Got a New Helper!

Instagram Stories Has Got A New Helper!

Today we find the picture sharing platform more interesting as businesses can seamlessly share the replay of their live videos on Instagram stories in a...
programming workshop for programmers

Silicon Mountain’s Life Changing Programmers Workshop Launched

In a bid to be a driving force towards the development of digital solutions for the Cameroon tech ecosystem, one-day programmers (coders) workshop aimed...
africa takes center stage in sci-tech awards

Cameroon And Togo Take Center Stage at Sci-Tech Awards

For ages, Africa has proven to be lagging behind when it comes to science and technology and seen the Western world take central stage...