Teenage Pregnancies in Africa: Who’s Responsible?

What first comes to mind when you hear of teenage pregnancies? This question signifies so many things to different people. A majority of the victims in regret and frustration, try to take away the lives of the innocent children growing within them. I would say all of the above opinions are nothing but the reality.

The Foundation Stone of Leadership All Entrepreneurs Must Know – Part 3

In the previous articles of this series, I looked deeply into some of the most critical issues regarding leadership. That’s the focus of this article. Today, just about everyone wants to be a leader or at least, be called one.

Ferdinand Forka: The Cameroonian Who Uses Comedy to Reach out to Youths and Better the Society

While comedy has the potential to help people heal and overcome grief in their everyday life, when facing a loss, it’s the last thing most people feel like doing. About Ferdinand Forka Ferdinand Forka also staged named Oboy Da Comic, is one of Cameroon’s most successful comedians. He was nominated as the best comedian from Bui division, in the North West region,  in 2017.

The Foundation Stone of Leadership All Entrepreneurs Must Know – Part 2

In part one of this article series, I tried to define who a leader really is and isn’t. In this article, I continue to highlight important ideas relevant to bridging the leadership gap in any organization you might find yourself. The stones of Leadership This is how you can bridge the leadership gap in your organization.

Four Productive Things To Do When Not On The Job

Maybe you are a software engineer working on very big ideas to blow our minds or you’re just that politician looking for a new lie to tell us again or you are that self-employed person who has been doing great things or is yet to do. 

The Foundation Stone of Leadership All Entrepreneurs Must Know – Part 1

Rarely do entrepreneurs make a company succeed by themselves. “Our problems are man-made. Therefore, they can only be solved by man and not spirits.

mCoin: The Cryptocurrency That Works Without Internet, Launches in Africa

Today, the world is dependent on the internet. Most often, these shortcomings are gravely felt in African countries, where internet penetration is quite low. As a result, pseudo mining activities like cryptocurrency can’t go on smoothly.

Biola Alabi Features in Financial Times’ Top 100 Global Female Executives List

Financial Times & HERoes Champions of Women in Business 2018 celebrates 100 senior female role models who help to increase gender diversity in the workplace. The prestigious annual list celebrates female role models who are actively playing their part to increase gender diversity in the workplace. It also celebrates those working to increase the number of women 

How to Run an Instagram Contest that supports your marketing goal

Instagram is having a large audience of about 700 million, among which 400 million check their Instagram daily. It is easy today to run contests online, with an Instagram contest. One important thing to take note of is the statement of release that is designed to maximise online value.

Eight Female Chocolatiers Transforming the Chocolate Industry in Africa

Africa produces more than 70% of the world’s cocoa but the $100 billion chocolate industry is dominated by Western companies. Multinationals mass produce chocolate and source ingredients globally. But these eight female chocolatiers are carving out a niche in the chocolate industry dominated by big global players.


  How do you get from Loum to Nkongsamba ? That’s in Cameroon, and the distance is about 40 km/30 miles or so. And from your doorstep to there it’ll take you 3 hours. First, you have to get up at 5 am and walk towards downtown Loum.

Anthobex: New NGO Investing in Kids’ Education

Thinking of how to give back to the community that stood by you while you crawled through all the hurdles that life gave you is a brilliant initiative.S-Cameroon based non-governmental organisation founded in 2005 by Anthony Besong Sr., an Oracle database administrator.

7 Well Paying Services to offer in Cameroon with Zero Capital

Times are hard and our present economy has no regards for its young tender graduates. Sometimes young graduates ignore zero capital business ideas, despising a humble beginning and hoping for an air conditioned office. It’s high time you forget about working for all the multinational out there and be your own boss.

Art Mashariki is Showcasing Creative Talents now for Free.

This should be the last stop for you if you have been trying to showcase your artistic talent. Founded by Liz Ng’ang’a, Art Mashariki hand-picks the best of their work and presents it in a searchable catalogue of portfolios. “East Africa is full of talented creatives and artists, who are all online and connected.

Small Businesses: 4 Tips to Improve Sales

Small businesses need to attract as many loyal customers as possible, increasing their sales and delivering on their promises. However, with limited budgets, precious few resources, and growing competition, small organizations often have their work cut out for them. It’s prominent for small businesses to find ways in which they’ll be able to improve their sales and get an edge on their rivals.