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The Hustler’s Digest – China Retaliates with Shivery Tariffs Against the US

Today’s Quote “I don’t initiate violence, I retaliate.afrohustler.com/hustlers-digest-china-launch-tariffs-us/">… Continue reading


MTN Mobile Money in Cameroon Gets Better with Paying Tuition Fees

MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) just added another spice to its already amazing MoMo service of paying tuition fees. High school students across Cameroon will also be benefiting from their new service. The innovative idea came from the University of Buea’s College of Technology at MTN Cameroon’s 

The Single Tweet That Fully Explains Emmanuel Macron’s Visit to Nigeria

Considering the unofficial and socio-cultural mood of the recent visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to Nigeria, it will be analytically misleading to conclude that he came just to socialize with Nigerians. Quartz Africa describes the visit as unconventional, anti-establishment and low in 

How Can Shopper’s Psychology Improve Your Business?

There are many different techniques we can utilize in business to improve our customers’ experience. Many businesses have managed to improve sales considerably simply by offering a Groupon promo code for their products in order to attract more customers. Others, however, 

New Bitcoins: Everything You Need to Know about Cryptocurrency Forks

  Digital currency forks are simply different variations or byproduct of an existing coin. Bitcoin forks are therefore different coins that stem from Bitcoin with a life of their own. A cryptocurrency fork happens when a new branch of blockchain is created.

Addressing Electrification Challenges to Improve Energy Access in Nigeria

Clean, modern and affordable energy is vital for social and economic development in Africa. According to World Economic Forum, as of mid-2017, 62.5% of sub-Saharan 

The Hustler’s Digest – Uganda’s New Social Media Tax is Getting a Hit

Today’s Quote “The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power” Wael Ghonim  Africa Nigerian government injects $1.4 billion) into low-cost mortgage lenders. According to the country, this falls in line with 

Hacking for Product-Market Fit in Africa

Otto Beseka Isong is Founder & CEO of Akwajobs. He’s also a leading business development strategist in Silicon Mountain. Product-market fit is a common concept in the startup world.

Can Africa Rely on Public-Private Partnerships for Socio-economic Growth?

Africa is a fertile ground for development projects thanks to its wide range of resources — renewable and conventional. This, therefore, requires countries to engage in public-private partnerships (PPPs). The continent lacks adequate infrastructure to secure energy, efficient transport, reliable communication systems, and 

Principles of Success for Young African Entrepreneurs Part 2

Learning is a continuous process of life. In case you missed out, you can still join the flow by going through the Principles of success for young African Entrepreneurs part 1, before continuing here. 

Climate Change: Africa Suffers from US Paris Withdrawal

Emit Less, Suffer Most from Climate Change! If the US withdrawal from what seems to be the greatest historic accord on climate change, has been condemned by several statesmen, it is definitely because they recognize the world power’s role in solving international perils and calamities.afrohustler.com/us-withdrawal-climate-change-agreement/">… Continue reading


Biometric e-Gates at Ghana’s Airport; An Emulative Innovation

African governments are increasingly living the realities of the digital age by adopting and implementing different digital/e-governance practices. One of such e-government services in Africa is the Biometric         e-gates innovation introduced at Ghana’s Kotoka 

Cameroon: Telco or Non-Telco, Explore the Power of CSR

Many established companies, startups, and small businesses have often failed and ran out of business for the simple reason that they failed to give back to the communities in which they operate because business is designed to be mutually beneficial.afrohustler.com/telecoms-corporate-social-responsibility/">… Continue reading


The 5 Biggest Creativity Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

With the thought of creativity, our minds rush in the direction of performance and arts. Most of us are misled to attribute creativity just to arts and music. Could it be possible that we do not fully comprehend the meaning of creativity? 

Meet the Non-African Fighting for African Book Publishing

Passing on knowledge to generations has always been one of man’s greatest cravings and books have proven to be very good at disseminating such information.afrohustler.com/african-book-publishing/">… Continue reading