The Hustler's Digest - Pope Francis Easter Message About Hell

The Hustler’s Digest – Pope Francis’ Easter Message About Hell

Easter Quote"What reason have atheists for saying that we cannot rise again? That what has never been, should be, or that what has been,...
the hustler's digest-facebook

The Hustler’s Digest – Facebook Is In Red-hot Waters

Today's QuoteAfricaNigeria's Paystack partners with Truecaller for secure paymentsNigerian startup, Paystack has partnered Swedish caller ID firm Truecaller to allow more merchants across Africa...
Google bans cryptos and ico ads

The Hustler’s Digest – Google Is Shutting Down Cryptos

Today’s Quote“If we want our regulators to do better, we have to embrace a simple idea: regulation isn't an obstacle to thriving free markets;...
stanbic ibtc bank Dives Into Tech Innovation

The Hustler’s Digest – Stanbic IBTC Bank Dives Into Entrepreneurship

Today’s Quote“I never switched sides. I just switched lanes, got older and realized everybody ain’t the same”AfricaStanbic IBTC Bank launches innovation hub in YabaThe...
The Hustler’s Digest - Truecaller Flies into Kenya

The Hustler’s Digest – Truecaller Flies Into Kenya

Today’s Quote“We’re swimming in a sea of stories, trying to find our way in a universe and commercial marketplace of infinite choices.”Michael MargolisAfricaCogebank...
Black Panther forces America to celebrate Africa

The Hustler’s Digest – Black Panther forces America to celebrate Africa

Today’s Quote“In Tanganyika we believe that only evil, Godless men would make the color of a man’s skin the criteria for granting him civil...
The Hustler's Digest - Fundraising or Fund Leveling?

The Hustler’s Digest – Fundraising Or Fund Leveling?

Today’s Quote"The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions."Donald CalneAfricaAirtel Nigeria chooses Ibadan to...
The Hustler's Digest - Bitcoin dies, but keeps coming back to life

The Hustler’s Digest – Bitcoin Dies, But Keeps Coming Back to Life

Today’s Quote“It doesn't die and it comes back stronger”AfricaNaspers physically shuts down OLX offices across AfricaThe latest internet company backed by Naspers to run...
Nigerian Startups Attracting Investors and Plunging into Fundraising Mode

The Hustler’s Digest – Nigeria In Its Startup Fundraising Mode

Today’s Quote“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.”Leon C. MeggisonAfricaChina might have...
The Hustler's Digest - MTN: From a Telco to a Banker

The Hustler’s Digest – MTN: From a Telco to a Banker

“Today’s Quote”“Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your...
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The Hustler's Digest - IMF Boss Endorses Cryptocurrency

The Hustler’s Digest – IMF Boss Endorses Cryptocurrency

Today’s Quote“If privately issued crypto-assets remain risky and unstable, there may be demand for central banks to provide digital forms of money.”Christine LagardeAfricaGhana’s Agrocenta...

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