Mobile-centric: ultimate marketing strategy for small businesses

Mobile or Die:Ultimate Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses in Africa

Almost every startup or small business today has a website where they list their products and services, talk about what they do and why...
facebook groups

Harnessing The Power Of Facebook Groups

If you scout for information and ideas on the most revered social media platform, chances are that you must belong to one or many...
Dr Sea Initiative

Dr SEA Initiative: What You Should Know!

What is Dr. SEA Initiative?Of the many initiatives hosted by the internet, one of the most outstanding is Dr SEA Initiative. An online health...
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The Hustler's Digest - Fundraising or Fund Leveling?

The Hustler’s Digest – Fundraising Or Fund Leveling?

Today’s Quote"The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions."Donald CalneAfricaAirtel Nigeria chooses Ibadan to...
Telecommunication Giants Get New Management Officers

Cameroon’s Telecommunication Giants Get New Management Officers

The two major telecommunications giants in Cameroon, MTN and ORANGE now have new Chief Executive Officers. The new appointees replace Philisiwe Sibiya and Elisabeth Medou...
Chipsafer is tackling cattle rustling in Kenya with a remote chip tracking technology

Remote-Tracking Technology Could Cripple Cattle Rustling in Africa

Cattle rustling in Africa has, in recent years, usurped the economies of some African communities, thereby retarding their growth potential. Livestock owners in Kenya...


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