Zuo Bruno’s most recent innovation, ZOOMED, is making waves across Africa. In just two years, it is already operational in over 14 African countries and counting. A product of Zuoix, ZOOMED is a car security solution that now allows the seamless and automatic sharing of information among cars.

Tracking cars with ZOOMED

The system allows cars running ZOOMED to know in real-time, the locations of other cars near them. Cars will exchange information of their speed and directions, helping other cars to predict real-time traffic and also accidents.

For taxi passengers, it allows them to never again forget the taxi they entered and where, allowing them to recover forgotten items.

Using basic SMS commands, drivers can control their fleet via ZOOMED. It also offers car tracking and security across the globe and within Africa. Interestingly, it does all this with no Internet services and connectivity. ZOOMED is not only reliable, but it is also suitable for both urban and rural areas with an over 85% coverage throughout the continent and 92% coverage.

Zuo Bruno, the smart mind behind the innovation says ZOOMED is only getting better at car security.

“Being an innovative company and learning from our vast number of clients and partners, we have been able to make some updates and upgrades to the ZOOMED car security solution. Our system now allows the seamless and automatic sharing of information within cars on our platform and making sense of the shared data. Cars can now understand where they stand relative to other cars running on ZOOMED. This information helps in accident prediction, SOS calls (where nearby cars will be called by a car involved in an accident instead of calling a far away hospital or ambulance).

How the system works



Road accidents today is on the increase. Drivers and car owners can testify that experience on the field is no longer a guarantee for safety.

Reckless drivers and poorly handled cars are still a major concern. How then can one be assured of their security on the highway? This is where the ZOOMED app comes in. With it, you can:

  • Manage your drivers across the continent.
  • Get automated alerts when your car is in use or when parked.
  • Create unlimited geofences and know when your car has entered or left any of these geofences.
  • Monitor fuel, etc.

All these with no extra hardware needed and can be used anywhere.


In addition, through Instant Reports to ZOOMED, cars can report their situations to the server over SMS and Web. The system compares that and informs the team and their clients of most reckless drivers, cars that consume the most fuel and cars that go the furthest in KM. Furthermore, their algorithms use this information to alert drivers and businesses of nearest gas stations, driver’s fatigue, possible accidents, and much more.

Meet Zuo Bruno, the brain behind ZOOMED

Zuo Bruno is the founder and CEO of Zuoix, an information security firm based in Limbe, Cameroon. Bruno is known for his ZOOMED innovation, which he created to secure cars, businesses and homes when the Internet was disconnected in his region.

ZOOMED Now Allows for Seamless and Automatic Sharing of Information Among Cars on Its System
Zuo Bruno

His innovation has grown into a new term in technology, known as SoT (SMS of Things) in which he uses SMS for interconnection of devices.

ZOOMED is the winner of the presidential award following its presentation at the weeks of excellence organized by the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation on February 23, 2018.

This innovation is making strides across the continent. However, Zuo Bruno believes they still have much to attain.

“In Terms of success, I can say we are making some great strides but we can do more. Looking at how many countries are currently using our solution (only 14 out of 54 countries in Africa) I think that we need to work harder. However, covering this number of countries in just 2 years is something wonderful for us”.

To know more about ZOOMED, follow this link… www.zuoix.com/zoomed or just enjoy a free demo at track.zuoix.com.

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