Ruphina’s House Music, a Bamenda-based music label  has just released an official video track titled “Hold On” by Ruphina’s house rapper  Campton Fly Baby and afro pop artists Swiri Nimo, today the 20th of October, 2016.

Hold On being the first collabo between the two artists is a humanitarian song about our societal ills, like child molestation and gender inequality.

With soft kicks, African congas, pads, and vocals, the Producer Papa P’s final mix is achieving its goal of bringing out the emotions in its originality from every ear.

Following the studio session of the track that was released some months back, this official video was realized by Abstract Torts, directed by Darnoc Ist and N.J.I in collaboration with cejay productions.

Campton Fly Baby and Swiri Nimo are artists under Ruphina’s House Music.


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