Meet Cameroon’s Funny Doctors, a set of true talents and leading comedians who have decided to revive Cameroons Comedy  industry. Comedy is vital for our wellbeing, as sometimes just a smile can spark up your day or laughing out your lungs make you forget about your woes. Comedy has been around since the Ancient Greeks started making humorous plays and poems that ended well—the first comedies. Those comedies were made not only because they were funny, but also to entertain the people of Greece.



funny doctors

What is comedy? Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke.

It’s evident that as times goes on Cameroon comedy dies down. Instead, we focus on Nigeria comedy. Nigeria is proud of its Comedy sector. This  sector has contributed to the success of the country  and Nigeria can boast of now celebrates talented comedians such as  A Y , Basketmouth, Bovi, and others. Nigerians support and  promote comedy and most of all it’s well branded and marketed.

You should be wondering by now how these guys perform. Check out CO’Ment on Youtube.


Cameroon’s Funny Doctors  are a group of comedians who came together around 2011 with the view of taking Cameroon stand up comedy to another level. These Afro Hustlers’ slogan  is ” laughing is a therapy”  These born comedians started by creating an association call ASUC ( Association of Stand-up Comedians ) whose  goal is to create a platform where comedians can showcase their talent. The funny doctors group is made up of 6 comedians, namely ( MP3 , O’BOY , BADLY BROUGHT UP, CAM’RON POPMAN, LEARNED LORD AND VIRGINITY).

Funny Doctors are based in Soa, Yaounde. The comedy stand-up show titled ” 32 comedy Night stand was their debut show  which projected their brand. These Afro Hustlers need our full support. Cameroonians should start consuming Cameroon Comedy as this will go a long way to boost this sector . Cameroon’s Funny Doctors  Comedy show should be  a must attend event.

It may sound unreal, but when you watch this  comedy show, it will evoke hearty laughs which enable you to face situations with a positive frame of mind. Shows that can make you laugh have proven to ease and soothe stress. If you watch a comedy show regularly you will realize you feel light and joyful at the end of every episode.

Cameroon’s Funny Doctors are available for your parties, weddings and any events of a great magnitude. These gentlemen will put smiles on the faces of your guests/audiences.

Contact Funny Doctors @ (+237) 675 981 910




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