Not too long ago, Cameroon’s President Biya announced to the public that 500,000 laptops were going to be issued to all university students. Some  of his “android generation” youths have gone public to express their joy declaring him  as a president who always fulfills his promises. On the other hand, most people are calling it a Sham!

A President Who Always Fulfills His Promises!
A President Who Always Fulfills His Promises!

It’s no doubt that, this 500,000 laptop promise has put a  smile on the faces of most  university students in Cameroon. Some youths have taken to social media brandishing placards hailing President Biya’s gesture as well as expressing their gratitude. Not just social media, University students in Yaounde and Bamenda also marched in the streets, expressing their excitement and joy.

At the beginning of the year, President Biya during his speech addressed to youths, asked his “génération android” to pick up their machetes and go to the farm, saying we should return to the soil. Of course, agriculture is an amazing sector too that needs to be developed. But at the end of the day, it’s ” a new world”, and we have to go with the wind of change.

The Tech Community in Cameroon is growing from strength to strength most especially in Buea, with our very own Silicon Mountain. Entrepreneurs in Agriculture need to incorporate tech in one way or the other, in order to take their businesses to another level. Maybe this is why the government decided to go along with this plan (just saying) and invest in its youths somehow. It could also be an attempt to ease Uni student’s research.

500,000 laptops reaction
Youths approve of the 500,000 laptops project

However, there has been a lot of backlash, and disapproval with regards to this 500,000 laptops project. Some have called it a “scandalous laptop deal by the Biya regime”. But why? because the country has so many issues to be handled, and taking a loan of 75 Billion FCFA for this project is nothing short of bad investment, and a complete waste of resources.  With the current unemployment rate in Cameroon, many suggest this huge loan would have been pumped into a project which will create jobs for thousands of youths.

The deed has been done and the only way this could turn out lucrative is if students use the laptops in a judicious way. That’s by becoming more entrepreneurial and creating legal jobs for themselves. What do you think about this gesture; drop your comments below.

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