Cameroonian startups have become innovative and now curbing the ultimate worries of unemployment. Cameroon has got a vibrant tech ecosystem with startups at the silicon mountain which have great potential to  leverage the country’s economy. These startups are gaining international recognition. Cameroonian startups are becoming successful in the international markets as their products/solutions solve local problems and problems at the international level.

Cameroon has a plethora of startups whose core activities solve problems, offer employment to the youths, facilitate Cameroon’s economy and create wealth for founders and co-founders.

Here is a list of Cameroonian startups that you need to know. These startups are making a great due to their achievements and international funds they raise.

1) Agro-Hub

Agro-hub is a Cameroonian startup that helps smallholder  farmers access profitable sustainable markets. This company has shaped the marketing and distribution of agricultural products in Cameroon. Moreover, Agro-hub offers some value added services to Cameroonian farmers and other agro-businesses such as sourcing and supply, training and consulting, farm management and value chain development.

Cameroon being a nation that relies heavily on agriculture, should consider Agro-hub as one of the tools to achieve its proclaimed vision 2035. Below is a list of the objectives of Agro-hub:

  1. Improve rural farmers’ household incomes.
  2. Connect buyers directly to farmers hence shortening the food supply chain.
  3. Strengthening food safety by providing a healthier environment with basic infrastructure and facilities in the markets where hygiene conditions are poor and the risk of food contamination is high.
  4. Reducing the loss of perishable agricultural products by providing appropriate shelters, storage, preservation and water facilities.
  5. Improving marketing efforts by providing training in marketing and customer service management.
  6. Reducing the risk of women being excluded by facilitating rural women’s participation and their access to market facilities, training, and micro-credit system.

Agro -Hub achieved a milestone earlier this year as she grabbed the Nestlé CSV Prize Winner 2016 Agra-Hub

2) GiftedMom is gaining a great deal of international recognition due to the Mobile-based solutions for maternal and community engagement she provides. They are a Cameroonian E-health startup which provides solutions to pregnant women in Cameroon. We all can recall a couple of deaths in 2016, for example, the Monique-Lacquantini controversy where Monique gave up the ghost losing a set of beautiful twins.

GiftedMom is currently solving most of these problems. This platform offers three services to facilitate Cameroonian women have a safe delivery. These services are:

Mobile-based Solutions

SMS & Voice notification solutions to track antenatal care and immunization sessions.

Data Collection & Analytics

Mobile data collection and real-time analytics solutions replacing traditional Paper.

Maternal App

Android Maternal App for monitoring pregnancy and baby development.

GiftedMom has tremendously helped reduce the number of deaths which occur during or after pregnancy. This platform educates women and young girls about pregnancy. In Cameroon, a lower percentage of women go for Antenatal care thus, GiftedMom helps to educate women in rural areas on the importance of antenatal care and also provides follow-up for them.

3) SkyLabase

SkyLabase is a Cameroonian startup based in Buea which provides software solutions for banks and  financial institutions.  Mindful of the fact that every economy relies on finance, this startup has taken a bold step to produce contemporary financial software for Banks.

Image result for skylabase

They have a financial software called SmartFinance. It is a test driving digital innovative platform  built to end poverty in Africa . This financial  technology solution is aimed at  financially including Africans, driving out a technology that enables retail banking institutions like micro-finances, SACCOS, Credit unions, Village Lending and Savings groups, and “Njangi” or peer lending homes to effectively manage their clients or members and enable them to carry out distant and mobile banking from home.

SkyLabase was recently nominated at the Africa FinTec award and she is currently  among the top four FinTech retail banking startups in Africa.

4) SiQueries

Whenever you think of data analytics, think of SiQueries which combines machine and deep learning to build the next generation business intelligence platform. SiQueries is a data analytics & visualization company that’s transforming how companies work with data to discover new insights. This innovative platform offers a secure, collaborative, and entirely browser-based environment for your queries and data-driven insights.


SiQueries  has as mission to provide easy data access and integration across multiple sources, enhance collaboration in teams and enable fast interactive exploration and analysis of data sets. Data analytics is very vital as it helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. This machine learning inclined platform helps businesses to transform historical data into refined information which automatically enables businesses to forecast sales, revenue and sell loan policies.

Make no mistake to think that this is an exhaustive list of the startups that create impact in the Cameroonian society. This write-up seeks to highlight just a few.

All these Cameroonian startups are making it big. They have a great customer base, hence providing innovative solutions to customers. Afro Hustler is an ardent supporter of entrepreneurship and it’s evident that Cameroonian startups are tenaciously growing into multi-billion  companies. We shall use this forum to encourage African governments not to relent their efforts to promote and encourage startups. Startups, if absolutely supported will go a long way to amplify the private sector, which is the backbone of Africa’s economy. African governments should start promoting startups that we all know are mostly funded by international organizations, whereas these startups are designed to solve Africa’s problems and boost its economy.






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