In Cameroon, we face major problems on the highway putting lives at risk in most cases. One of these problems is caused by recalcitrant drivers not following the highway code and utter disregards of the traffic signals. However, this problem has got a solution with the creation of an App called ”Man No Run” This App was developed by two Cameroonian students from the School of Industrial Engineering at the University of Douala.

The slang “Man no run” is an expression in the pidgin English language which means “nobody can escape”. From its meaning, Man No Run justifies that this app has got the ability to track undisciplined drivers on the road, particularly those who do not respect the traffic lights.

This application works by  enabling its user, through a camera and sensor, to film the licence plates of the vehicles running red lights.

Romaric Saounde, a sponsor of the project explains “when the traffic light is red, the system lies in wait for an offence. When the first vehicle crosses the first radar, it is filmed. Which means that the offence is registered, even if the system continues to wait. If the vehicle continues without stopping and crosses the second radar, the offence is confirmed and a second photo is taken. It is this second picture which is used to identify the licence number of the offending vehicle and its owner”.

The Man No Run app is an innovative idea and solution that helps in identifying and tracking  drivers who don’t abide or respect traffic lights in Cameroon.

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