Times are hard and our present economy has no regards for its young tender graduates. White collar jobs are limited but the entrepreneurial world always welcomes that smart idea that has the ability to solve the people’s problems. Sometimes young graduates ignore zero capital business ideas, despising a humble beginning and hoping for an air conditioned office.

It’s high time you forget about working for all the multinational out there and be your own boss. If you finally made up your mind to go solo and be your own boss then it’s an awesome step forward. You can get started with one of the many business ideas I am going to reveal to you. Fortunately, these business ideas require little or zero capital to venture into.

These 7 business ideas with zero capital could be a breakthrough for you as a young daring entrepreneur.

1- Consultancy

Young graduates have skills in their various disciplines but thinking of working for a big corporation often makes them forget the fact that they can use these acquired skills. There are little businesses around operated by dropouts needing business advice on different aspects. With this special business skill in your possession, you can make a reasonable amount of cash and smile to the bank. This requires zero capital.

2- Potato and Egg Business

Fast food is gradually becoming a culture in Cameroon and selling food is a win-win as food is a basic need to be consumed by all. We all know young graduates have gas-bottle and plate, so venturing into a potato and egg business is a great idea. Such a business requires little or no Startup capital.

3- House Painting

This can be a good source of income and means of earning a living. There are a lot of us who are passionate about painting. Why not turn your passion into a career? You don’t need a license to start a painting enterprise; all you need is to have your apprenticeship training and experience, and some basic minimum equipment like a roller, 3 or 4 inches brush, and a masking tape. With these, you can start making good cash.

4- Affiliate Marketing

Everyone can become an affiliate marketer depending on their ability to promote a company’s business or product to encourage their sales volume and receives a commission per sales. This is a promising enterprise that pays well if you play your card well.Why not check out affiliate marketing programs such as Jumia, Konga, Amazon Associates and Commission Junction if you are interested in this business.

5- Plantain Chips Business

The time has come when you should sleep with one eye open to avoid bunches of plantains in the back yard to be taken away by smart thieves. It might surprise you to know that plantain chips are probably the second fastest moving consumer goods in Cameroon after bakeries. But this business doesn’t require much capital as you can start with a bunch of plantains and a few litres of vegetable oil. You can as well target school canteens, supermarkets and other shops around.

6- Makeup Artist

This job is cool for all those who are passionate about fashion. This art is now gaining tremendous recognitions since it is the backbone of the fashion industry. Models need their faces to be masked prior to photo-shoot whereas actors need makeup before performing. This has made this art to be lucrative and a good business to venture in as it requires just the skills and cosmetic products. If you’re pretty good at it, you will have celebrities hunting you to contour their cheekbones, etc.  Who knows, tomorrow you might end up with a makeup firm.

7- Freelancing

You can make a lot of money online as a freelancer when you possess the necessary skills. I know of folks who sit on their laptops for a couple of hours and make a lot of money from freelancing. There are a lot of freelancing sites such as upwork.org, freelancer.com, etc. All what you need is a good laptop and a reliable and good internet connection. What are you waiting for? Why not try freelancing?

There are numerous business ideas out there that can yield you  quite fortune if you venture into. But you should start with either of  the above lucrative business ideas with zero capital. Never despise a humble beginning. It’s good you own a business and be your boss, creating job opportunities to impact your community.

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