The Cameroonian government in a bit to reform the security and surveillance profession in Cameroon has announced a series of rules. All security firms are expected to abide by these rules else strict measures will be taken. Among the rules is the harmonization of uniforms, which is disagreeable to many security workers.

Private security firms in Cameroon have several uniforms for their security workers, something which the government is not pleased with. The  Cameroon government has therefore instituted a new law, stating that the uniforms of security workers must be yellow. Though the deadline is drawing close (three days from today), most workers are still against the decision.

Firstly, their reason for not wanting to wear yellow is due to its bright nature. Yellow will definitely be difficult to maintain daily.

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However, the security workers also think if they wear yellow, it will be pretty easy for a thief to spot them thus making their work a little difficult.

Lastly, the workers have so many other challenges. Their salaries are so small, compared to the risky nature of their job. They, therefore, plead that other issues be addressed and that the colour of their uniform is such a minute issue which the government should be focusing on.

However, there’ll always be some people who will comply. Ngamba Gereme Coordinator in charge of agencies and head of the legal department in a private security firm, says his company has agreed to abide by government’s decision even though the uniforms are not readily available.

Uniforms are meant to identify individuals or group of individuals. For instance, the national security forces in the country; Army, Gendarmerie, and the Police forces have distinct uniforms to identify them. Will the yellow uniforms policy being enforced facilitate the identification of an individual and  the company in which he or she works?

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