For most of the past 2 months, in Cameroon have seen an influx of National and International houses including Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), Canal2 international, BBC world news and a host of others. These media houses have provided an opportunity for the startups to market their content globally.

It is true media coverage is one of the best ways to get your company noticed but of course it comes as a result of Hard work. Perhaps if I profile a list of some few Cameroonian Startups, we would understand why media houses are expected to be even more interested in getting media coverage.

Let’s get down to the profiles:

  1. Feeperfect : Feeperfect produced an app called Feem. Feem helps you transfer files between devices WITHOUT using the INTERNET. In December 2015,  Feem took 1st price alongside People´s choice award at the  JIC STARCUBE Show 2015, one of the biggest pitch events in the Czech republic. To be launched soon is its Latest version, Feem 2016.
  2. Skademy : Skademy is a web platform that focuses on training skills in areas of technology. Skademy was shortlisted to advance to global finals for the West Africa Mobile Awards 2016 that will take place on April, 21 in Lagos Nigeria.
  3. Njorku: The giant Job Search Engine of Africa. Forbes magazine has it that Njorku is among the best technology startups in Africa. The service went live in late March 2011, and within months was attracting thousands of users.

As I said earlier, I just profiled a few startups. There are much more amazing startups which I can’t profile at the moment due to time constraint. After speaking with the Founders of the above Startups, alongside Ayuk Etta, Founder of SkyLabase and Ngah Kenneth, Founder of  LCM Tours, It would be FAIR for me to conclude that Cameroonian startups need more than media publicity. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE is essential.

Earlier on April, 1st ,TechCrunch-Africa posted an article “Paul Biya To Support Tech Founders With FCFA 20bn In Grants” which happened to be an April fool prank. But then, the is supposed to have recognized the lack of adequate and roll out several initiatives to enable start-ups to gain access to funding.

Of course not ONLY the Government. A trending story on the media for the past days is a University Girl by name Esapa Elizabeth, Drugging a “Bushfaller” and stealing goods worth 4 million FCFA. If this kind of “Bushfallers” decide to invest in Startups, perhaps it will help them avoid the much more thieves in the name of Girls, who are patiently waiting for them to fall prey.

At the moment, ActivSpaces Cameroon and the Cameroon Angels Network (CAN) are assisting startups to gain access to funding. But in order to grow this “Android generation”, the Government is required to provide Funding and Assistance Schemes to Startups who have a great impact on our digital Economy.

Maybe the Government can begin by Assisting SMConf2016. A technological conference to take place in Buea, June 18, involving startups in the country and across Africa as well as local and visiting tech communities around the globe.



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