Daniel Richard Assako popularly known by his stage name DON ChaeuLe is a Cameroonian who was born in Limbe and he hails from the South West Region of Cameroon. He attended his primary, secondary and higher education in CS Buea Town, Bishop Rogan College and the University of Buea respectively. He spends most of his life in Buea albeit commuting to Douala and Yaounde.

Music had always been in him ever since his secondary school days in Bishop Rogan where he earned the stage name he currently uses: DON CHAEULE. He wrote his first song in 2004 and equally had a couple of unreleased tracks from the period 2008-2010. He worked with the likes of Alo J, Samuel Lee and Lynx in the now defunct Rogan Kings Studios in Molyko.

Don Chaeule

He travelled to the United Kingdom in 2013 to pursue an MBA in Finance from the University of Gloucestershire. He obtained the degree in 2015. He worked for some time with a finance firm in London as a cashier and equally did some administrative work at a housing agency.

Around the month of April 2016, after his birthday, he started reflecting and realised that his place was not in the office. He got bored of figures as they gave him little satisfaction. He still had a humongous passion for music and started nursing plans on how to get a career out of it.

In August 2016, he decided to go to the studio and record his debut single titled ‘WOKOLO’. The beats were made by Edi Le Drae from Cameroon and the song was produced by Dhefils, a Congolese sound engineer based in the UK.

Don Chaeule
Don Chaeule in the studio recording his debut track – Wokolo

Don ChaeuLe has created his own genre called -Decale which is a fusion of Afrobeat, coupe-Decale and Bensikin rhythms. Because of his love for these three different sounds, he decided to blend them in one and make good music.

‘WOKOLO’ is a reflection of such music, it is a song of celebration and it is very danceable. ‘Wokolo’ which is a word used mostly by people from the east and centre regions of the country can be loosely translated to mean, ‘OMG’ or ‘WOW’. While ‘YAYATO’ which is a word from the western region but very common all over the country is an exclamation of joy.

Don Chaeule

For the purpose of the song the word ‘YAYATO’ will mean congrats or well done. Putting the two words that constitute the chorus together, ‘WOKOLOYAYYATO’ will mean WOW WELL DONE or ‘OMG’ CONGRATS. It is an exclamation of happiness and joy. The song has a danceable rhythm and catchy lyrics with some comic relief served as punch lines.

He sings in Pidgin-English, Mboko and French. Hope you enjoy the song.

Listen to the song on Youtube.

You can follow him on Instagram/Twiter/Snapchat: @dukemills28

Facebook: Don ChaeuLe.

English EN French FR

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