In the early hours of today, Monday 9th January 2017, the  Cameroon Anglophone Civil Consortium sent out a fervent message to  West Cameroonians in relation to their safety during this period (Ghost Town). An array of pictures over flooded the social media confirmed the effectiveness of the planned ghost town. Teachers and students are resolute as they collectively ostracised school this morning. Fewer or no taxis ply the streets, shops in Buea and other towns in Anglophone Cameroon are close.

Culled from the  Cameroon Anglophone Civil Consortium’s facebook fan page, this body advised the public as seen below:

“Please, fellow brothers and sisters, we apologize for our last post earlier. It was not meant to carry our letterhead. Kindly share this post and once again, we apologize for the mix-up. The Consortium urges all parents, sons and daughters to stay at home and avoid any street March or demonstrations. We will continue to update you. Thank you.”

After all the failed attempts from the government officials to persuade anglophone traditional rulers, teachers to resume to class, parents to send their children back to school. The government thinks she can outsmart the people’s course with money. The government knows quite well that there is a problem and to resolve any conflict you diagnose the root cause rather than the surface cause. The voice of the people is the voice of God “vox populi vox Dei” If a government can’t listen to her subjects demands and provide a solution then she is not worth governing these subjects.



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