The Cameroon Airlines Company Camair-Co will from 20 July 2017, begin weekly domestic flights to Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon. The domestic flights will be available for three weekdays (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) and their operations won’t be affected by Ghost Towns.

Bamenda now becomes ”the land of stars”

Camair-Co extends domestic flight to the opposition stronghold of Bamenda in a bid to accomplish its mission to fly 23 destinations including eight local flights to Bafoussam, Yaoundé, Douala, Bertoua, Ngaoundéré, Maroua, and Garoua.

”The company’s priority presently is to give precedence to local and sub-continental flights. Moreover, strict measures will be put in place to end the issuance of free tickets, accordingly. Even government officials will have to pay flight tickets,” the Director General of Cameroon Airlines Corporation Ernest Dikoum told the CRTV in March of this year.

 Travelling to Bamenda by road had always been a nightmare to Cameroonians due to poor nature of the road which is a call for attention.
Bad roads make travelling to Bamenda a hell of experience
Passengers leaving Douala and Yaounde will be able to make it to the North West Capital City with no stress as it will take approximately 40 minutes to arrive Bamenda by air as opposed to the 6 to 8 hours reachability by road.
 With Camair-Co now set to begin flights to Bamenda, Passengers from Douala and Yaoundé will be charged 32840 FCFA ATI whereas those leaving Bamenda the Capital and Economic Capital are obliged to pay 29940 FCFA ATI respectively.
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