Been wondering where to get some business ideas to take off in life? Worry no more because is here to provide you with some. is the biggest job search engine in Africa. Founded by Churchill Mambe in Silicon Mountain, hundreds of thousands of Africans have used Njorku to get jobs. However, we don’t have to end there.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise across the world. So many people want to become entrepreneurs, but, getting an idea is not always easy. Usually, your idea will take you nowhere without a strong business muscle created from practice by running a real business.

The only way you can build your business muscles before your magical idea comes around is to start building a business.

Njorku provides some tools needed by job-preneurs to build businesses that can help people improve themselves and get jobs.

These are three simple but powerful business ideas you can use to start your first company using one tool or another from

1. Create a job-listing platform with is a powerful job board software created by Njorku. With, you can create a job listing platform where companies can put jobs and job seekers can discover jobs.

You don’t need any programming skills to do that. In fact, the workers at are ready to help people setup their job listing sites for free. This could be your first tech company.

An example of a job listing site built on is

2. Open a job hunting service

Unemployment rates are so high across the world. The biggest cry in Cameroon and almost every country in the world is the need for jobs. Graduates go for years unemployed.

This is a huge opportunity for people in the business of finding jobs for others.

Have you ever considered that there are several seats in companies empty? Employers are also looking for the right employee.

Do you see the problem here? Information flow.

Not everyone knows about and You can use to discover jobs, call your clients and help them apply for these jobs. You can then help them follow up the application process and prepare them for job interviews.

Parents of young people are ready to pay handsome fees for their kids to have jobs. If you do your job well and honestly, oh! My! You got a money milking cow with you.

3. Build a jobs/training mail list

Whatsapp, email, and SMS. That’s where people are. People are not on or This is a big advantage for you.

Do you know what this means? It means that you can build your own community on WhatsApp, SMS or Email. You can provide highly selected relevant jobs to members in your community daily or weekly and provide tips to help them get these jobs like great CV and cover letter templates.

You can now provide messages to these people on some related training that can help them get the jobs you share with them. Here’s where you make your money. You can charge commission fees for any members in your community who take these trainings.

You can advertise many other things to this community as long as these adverts are relevant to this community.

Still short of business ideas?

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