Today, working with international clients is more common than ever. Given that the Internet has opened up markets that were once inaccessible, more and more business owners are embracing this global economy. As such, entrepreneurs in the crisis-affected regions in Cameroon are now retargeting their markets to offer their services to foreign clients. The current hard times demand that entrepreneurs know the most lucrative business ideas in Cameroon they can venture into.

With so many people getting involved, this seems to be a strategy to survive the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

In this article, we will be looking at 4 business ideas that represent the highest dollar value in Cameroon, targeting foreign clients.

African Fashion and Jewellery

The global demand and discussions on African-inspired clothing in recent times have made it a billion-dollar market. This has led to a tremendous boost in sales for some African designers and brands whose works have caught the eyes of international personalities.

Moreover, creative fashion or jewellery designers who are able to turn precious metals, gems, and semi-precious stones into beautiful decorative pieces for the world to wear, are seizing this opportunity to showcase their designs and make real cash. African fashion and jewellery, therefore, remains one of the business ideas in Cameroon entrepreneurs can venture into.

African Entertainment Content

Today, significant growth opportunities for media and entertainment (M&E) companies also abound. The intensified competition for viewers and advertisers, combined with ongoing declines in subscribers, is putting pressure on topline performance at many M&E companies.

The rapid proliferation of video distribution platforms and a corresponding uplift in engagement metrics, subscription fees, advertising revenue — or a combination — has created an intensely competitive landscape for developing and acquiring the best content.

With so much content available across many distribution alternatives, M&E companies are in need of innovative strategies to enable consumers to find compelling programs to watch.

As such, taking a full-time business in creating content for African entertainment will also be very lucrative. This is what M&E companies are looking for right now! As such, this is one of the business ideas in Cameroon any entrepreneur can dive into.

Social Media Marketing

When social media first came to the scene, many business owners ignored it. They had the misconception that it was a channel for young people to interact. Today, business owners are realizing the potential benefits of marketing their businesses through social media platforms. With local markets failing, social media marketing is, therefore, one effective way to market products to foreign markets.

This makes social media marketing indispensable for most companies and businesses. As a result, marketers can use this as a business, to sell products from local business people to foreign clients.

Web Design & App Development

In the trend of IT advancement, full stack development is one of the optimal solutions that many businesses abroad choose. Their aim, usually, is to improve their projects and acquire benefits of web applications development. As such, entrepreneurs in the tech domain can seize this opportunity and offer their services to foreign clients. These clients usually have a large market and a good paycheck.

That’s it for our 4 business ideas in Cameroon targeting foreign clients during the Anglophone crisis. Can any of these ideas work for you? Please tell us what you think in our comment section below.


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