Sometimes those back home take for granted the efforts that bush fallers make – I guess the lack of information has its consequences in all aspects of life. I have written about the power of the diaspora already. I will not repeat the points I had made before – if you missed the write-up or you need a refresher, get it here.

The following except is from a Facebook post by Eddy Maiyili on the 16th Of September 2016: “Cameroon diaspora sends home 585 billion FCFA. According to figures from the World Bank and WorldRemit, Cameroonians living abroad sent 585 billions back home in 2015 an increase over 20% from the previous year. That represents 33% of the public investment budget of Cameroon in 2016. This amount shows the power and influence the diaspora plays in the economy of Cameroon. This amount is forecasted to grow as the numbers of people leaving the country increases.”

As we are fast approaching year end (November and December); a period characterized by an influx of bush fallers into the nation, I thought it wise to tackle the bush faller topic once again. So if you are a bush faller planning to visit home this year – please read the write up above.

Some of the money sent back home has been used for investments, and there is still more scope for investments back home by the Cameroon diaspora. I am talking about well researched and managed investments.

Investment opportunities for bush fallers back home (Cameroon).

If you have been following developments in Cameroon, you would have heard that the government is actively selling Cameroon as an investment destination. The following quote from an article published by Fon Bonaventure will shed more light:

“Invest in Cameroon, Land of Attractiveness” was the name of the international conference organized by H.E President Paul Biya of Cameroon. The conference which was held at the Yaoundé Congress Hall between the 17th and 18th of May 2016, was aimed at shedding more light on Cameroon’s potentials as an attractive destination for investors. Source.

I am also informed that the Minister of Finance has reached out to the diaspora – encouraging them to invest back home. I like to say that as Cameroonians we all have a responsibility to grow our nation and I say with some degree of confidence that the one sure way to make this happen is to learn to work together.

My company (25-45 Business Consulting Plc) has achieved some success during its business collaboration campaigns – held in Limbe, Buea and lately Bamenda. The feedback from these campaigns is very simple; we can do great things if we work together.

So I urge all bush fallers to give some more thought about investing back home and I also like to mention that I do appreciate that some bush fallers have gone through some unfortunate experiences (misappropriation of their funds, fraud, crockery, etc.). But all hope is not yet lost. The key is getting the right service provider and proper research and planning before disbursement of funds.

Since we launched the investment management unit of our company, we have had conversations with potential clients from the diaspora and most of them are very skeptical investing back home due to the fact that there is a lot of negativity and ignorance around this topic; issues relating to registering a company, taxation and the general business climate in Cameroon were usually cited.

If you allow us to help you with your investments back home, you will not be disappointed – we have a very transparent system – click the link below for more details. 

You cannot know without contacting us and checking things for yourself.

Email: or

Telephone: (+237) 661 096 564 / (+237) 672 728 944

We now have offices in Buea (shop 5, Fakoship Plaza, Buea Town) and in Bamenda (Nacho Junction, Bamenda)

Written by

Collins Mazu

CEO of 25-45 Business Consulting Plc




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