The Buea CPDM rally headed by top CPDM officials and Ministers which took place yesterday the 6th of December 2016 at Bongo Square was greeted with conspicuous timid attendance, especially by only members of the party.

On the eve of the rally, it had been rumoured that the party officials had disbursed money and made provisions for buses to cajole the workers of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) and Pamol to take part in a ‘unity march past’. On the day of the rally, buses provided to transport the CDC and Pamol workers, against their will, could be seen empty around the Tiko Roundabout.

Messages on Social Media had it that the workers were threatened to lose their jobs if they do not go.


The CPDM rally was aimed at pulling together the youths of Buea by the CPDM sycophants so as to talk about unity and integration of both Cameroons while disregarding the anglophone problem in Cameroon. So unfortunate for the aged regime, the anglophone youths have become wise and tired of these old mendacious  CPDM faces. The turnout was relatively low with few or no youths in attendance.

This event was attended by  CPDM members from other towns who received money in exchange for their time. The canopies were littered with men and women (papas and mamas) donned in the dreaded CPDM fabric.

The event was just too political! After long speeches from CPDM officials, they headed to the Mountain Hotel of Buea for lunch to do what they know best.

The hands of the clock seem to be ticking against the regime in place. The CPDM regime should recall that the voice of the people is the voice of God. The people are getting fed up with their long rule. Instead, they should urge their leaders to look into the anglophone problem and call for an amicable settlement rather than acting and looking for measures to pacify these angry minority.



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