The AFCON 2016 comes with a lot of surprises and gifts for the denizens of the Buea municipality. The Buea municipal council has embarked on a mission to keep the city in order by demolishing dilapidated and unattractive structures along the Buea colonial main way. A majority of these structures had issues with the town planning regulations. A Prior notice was given to these victims to set or upgrade their structures to conform to the council’s expectations  such as repainting, putting up a new roof and so on.


Better still, the lord Mayor of the Buea municipality Ekema Patrick is at the forefront of this initiative as he is seen in scenes supervising the demolition process. Probably this gentleman wants the best for his municipality. Notwithstanding, there is a controversy in Buea as some homes are destroyed and some unauthorized structures remain untouched.

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Most of the victims of these demolished structures haven’t got the financial power or resources to erect magnificent edifices at the moment, hence leaving them frustrated. So as of now the city will harbor demolished structures making it look like Syria or Iraq post-war era.

Much is expected from the Buea Council not only in relation to the upcoming AFCON games and demolishing dilapidated structures but to set this city to standard. Buea is Africa’s next hub of innovation harboring the Silicon Mountain and a home of great Africa’s young entrepreneurs. The legendary hospitality of Buea requires a comprehensive town planning and more streets to decongest the one and only colonial main way.

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