Yesterday the 5th, Jan 2017, West Cameroon’s activist Mancho Bibixy, the initiator of the coffin revolution sent out words of encouragement to his fellow anglophone compatriots. This southern Cameroon freedom fighter has gain recognition due to his effrontery to speak out for his people. His sheer tenacity to influence change makes him one of the figureheads in the anglophone struggle of liberation. Mancho Bibixy believes in the restoration of the statehood of West Cameroon and vehemently kicks against the French rule in this English speaking territory.

On his facebook account, he stated as below:

liberation movement for southern Cameroon(LMSC) initiators of the coffin revolution.This is the text format of our latest audio. We the initiators of the coffin revolution congratulate you all for the resistance this far. We asked you to stay off streets and give time for dialogue. It was a trap and the enemy fell in it big time. Now you agree that la Republic du Cameroon (lrc) has nothing to dialogue with us. Again, we are 2 equal states and any dialogue must include a neutral body which must be the U.N.O. This protest has shifted from teacher/lawyer to a liberation problem. Our demand has shifted from other things to complete independence. We appreciate the efforts of our diaspora and our social media warriors.

Next phace of our resistance begins on monday jan 9 at 7am all over the nation of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) the consortium has spoken and we must follow. All school owners, principals, parents, teachers and students must stay at home. Govt offices, banks, mobile phone service providers, transporters, markets and every economic operator must shut down. Our past actions have set in some activities at the UNO in our favour. We must continue now or forever be slaves.

We assure you that you will celebrate Xmas 2017 as a new nation. A nation with the best currency, where education will be free. All hospital lab test free and private school teachers paid by gov’t. Where police will dress in white n soldiers and their families live in luxurious barracks. That nation is next door. keep up the fight,watch and pray. This is God’s time for our freedom. All 4 one, 1 for all.



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