Forget about them honey when it comes to being a boss lady kick them all in the ass. There’s no reason to be apologetic for being who you are, what you do or why you do it. While you will be busy doing what you are good at, trust me it’s going to pull a lot of haters towards you and that’s why I repeat! You need to be unapologetic.

But of course, this is not about you being mean to others. Here are some guides you need to pick up to be and act like a Boss Lady.

  1. Carry Yourself

It’s not about you wearing the prettiest dress or wearing the most fleek makeup. It’s how you wear them that matters. How you carry yourself in the room. You don’t need to look like a movie star. Being confident of yourself is what will make you stand bright in the dark.

  1. Saying how you feel

Know when to talk, and construct your sentences perfectly. Don’t talk for the sake of it. Talk less and listen more. But then, don’t just be quiet and nod your head to whatever thing anyone says because you want to satisfy them. Speak your mind . Don’t hold back, or talk like a dumb because everyone else in the room is one.

  1. Owning your sexuality

As a Boss lady, a little harmless flirtation is good for the soul! Go on. Bat your eyelashes, giggle a little too loudly and do the walk-away… but then come back because there’s a ton of coquettish mischief waiting for you on the other end.

And if jealous girls are going to hate you for having a fun fling, well, ain’t nobody got time for that!


How to be a Boss Lady

  1. Be natural

Don’t let your physical appearance hold you back. Whether you are fat, skinny, dark or light skinned – own it and Rock it!  No one should make you feel bad for your blessed thick afro hair, beautiful mind, or curvy body. It was given to you for a reason.

  1. Know what you want

Determination keeps you focused and is the key to becoming successful. The naysayers that taint your aspirations only serve to stand in the way of your eventual greatness.

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  1. Have a Unique Style

Who cares if you’re a geek chic or sexy as hell- Oh they Care? So What? Being bold in your sartorial choices makes you an original — the only and best version of yourself. And when you feel trendy, you never go out of style.

  1. Commit to Yourself

Whether it means carving out time in the day exclusively for you, adopting a healthy lifestyle or following through on a goal, putting yourself first in order to do it is completely acceptable. Don’t be afraid to pursue what fulfills you, even if others don’t share in your vision. Knowing that you can entrust yourself to accomplish what needs to be done is a huge form of empowerment. Scare people with it.

  1. Be Honest

Boss ladies speak their truth quietly and clearly. As long as it’s delivered kindly and without judgment, the people who hate on you for being honest are those that cannot accept the truth. No one benefits from being fake.

  1. Trendsetter

Maybe you’re an entrepreneurial thinker or free spirit who paves the path for others to follow — whatever it is, the person who sets the trend is also always first in line to receive the backlash. Harness that powerful woman inside — the one who is this innovative trailblazer at heart — and channel it against those who try to stop your fire.

At the end of the day, being a Boss lady doesn’t entail you being proud or mean. Humility is key. However, it’s still about you not giving a sh*t to naysayers. They are who they are and they can’t change that. So forget them. Speak out for others when you see injustice, and spread love to those around you.

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