BookMouse a silicon mountain founded tech startup has been selected amongst the “SOLUTIONEUR TOP 20” startups in Cameroon organized by Harambe-Cameroon.

BookMouse was founded in August 2016  byValery Colong and Milton Ndi. It’s currently incubated at ActivSpaces Buea; Cameroon’s leading technology hub.

‘’After carrying out some research by talking with students directly or through questionnaires, we realized that most students still had difficulties in accessing all the learning resources they wanted, especially with past questions and also lacked a platform where they could connect with other students and sought help’’ Milton the young software engineer opened up to Afrohustler.

BookMouse is an online learning resource library that provides easy access to learning resources ranging from textbooks, past exam questions, past entrance exam questions into professional schools, research papers, etc.

‘’Our main goal is to provide a platform where students and learners can easily access all the learning resources they need and even connect with other learners to interact and sought for assistance with their studies if need be’’ Milton Ndi told Afrohustler.

Harambe-Cameroon is an entrepreneurial NGO which seeks to inspire and engage a new generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs who see problems as opportunities in need of solutions, and have the poise and wherewithal to engage others to make a long-lasting socio-economic impact. Their main goals include;

  • Business Development & Coaching
  • Business Plan Competitions
  • Seminars and Networking
  • Social Business Bank
  • Project Incubation

BookMouse can be accessed from a computer or any portable device where users can register and subscribe for a trial period of 30 days. There are four tariff plans, after the trial period, the user can then subscribe to any of these tariff plans.

The platform uses the MTN Mobile Money gateway, so users provide their mobile money number through which the charges for that tariff plan is deducted instantly before the subscription is completed.

Also, the platform offers local browser caching, which permits users to cache the application in their local browser, so that they can still have access to the application’s resources when they are not connected to the internet, especially for users who cannot sustain a consistent broadband connection.

What are your major challenges? The major challenge we have faced so far is access to content providers, like textbook publishers, an examination board, etc. we are gradually succeeding in that regard, but it’s been very difficult.

AfroHustler says congratulations to BookMouse for this milestone. As an ardent supporter and promoter of tech entrepreneurship, AfroHustler wishesBookMouse makes it through this contest.

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