Finding a suitable apartment that matches your taste is now a child’s play in Cameroon with the Bongalo App. Bongalo is a mobile application that makes the house search process effortless in Cameroon.
Necessity has always been a drive for innovation in the history of mankind. Following the stress, Epafred Minuifuong the Co-founder of Bongalo App underwent on a house search process some years back in Bamenda caused him to think out of the box to solve the arduousness in the house search process in Cameroon.
Fred encountered tough times when he moved to Bamenda in 2015 as an intern at Quanteq Institute. It took this gentleman a time frame of 3 weeks of intensive search just to secure a room. A hectic experience it was, he told AfroHustler.
”What if there was an app that one could download from the play store and just scroll through and find houses to let, it would be easier for house hunters to find what they wanted since they would see varieties,” he whispered to himself.
Like any other solution oriented innovative young entrepreneur,  it occurred to him that so many people actually face this same problem. Epafred found a peculiar joy in  Developing Bongalo to solve this very big problem faced by many.
                         Epafred one of the brains behind the BONGALO App
However, this was the beginning of the dream. He walked up to his co-founder, Ndahing Pijenda shared his comprehensible vision and having faced a similar situation also, he bought it instantly.
Without delay, they went to work and here they are today to put smiles on the faces of house hunters.
Right now, he expresses profound satisfaction working with a dynamic team of young energetic guys, who all share the vision of Bongalo.

How the Bongalo App Works

The app helps to provide information about houses to let in the towns and cities of Cameroon. Someone in search of a house sits in the comfort of their homes and scrolls through a variety of houses and chooses which one to take based on price factors, locations, type, accessibility, etc.
This is impressive, isn’t it? The Bongalo App takes away all the Stress. It serves time and avoids that old way of moving from one-quarter to the other looking for houses to let. 
 With this app, a landlord can upload his facility to it with no sweat for exposure to tenants see and contact him if interested. This approach may sound more romantic to landlords as it offers greater exposure to houses (advertising).
As opposed to the traditional way of putting up signposts and notices which are not seen by everyone since not all tenants pass that way make Bongalo a call for attention. We are in a digital era filled with innovations. Let’s embrace the change and have a stress free life. Let us all go digital with Bongalo.
 Download Bongalo for Free Now!

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