The Internet Outage in the Anglophone zones of Cameroon has triggered the creation of a new internet refugee camp at Bonako toll gate to facilitate the works of Silicon Mountain techies. Bonako Internet Refugee Camp is suited along the  Tiko Douala highway which has got a reliable internet connection because the village is part of the Littoral province, a francophone region in Cameroon.

Bonako’s new tech hub is sponsored by ActivSpaces Buea in partnership with Njorku. ActivSpaces is a tech Incubator that promotes and supports techpreneurship. The organisation is aims at transforming business ideas into funded startups.

This internet outage is killing young tech startups in the Silicon Mountain and businesses in Anglophone Cameroon in general.  The exorbitant costs associated with traveling to other internet connected regions to execute projects are unbearable to entrepreneurs and the tech community in Buea is using this new internet refugee camp as another solution.

This pre-emptive move to create a working space at Bonako is a great solution for developers and techies in the Buea.  Commuting to Douala with team members on a daily basis to have access to the internet is expensive for these young thriving startups and founders said the CEO of Skylabase, Ayuk Etta.

Anglophone Cameroon’s digital economy is tethering at the brinks of collapsing. Experiencing internet blackout for two months and the government has made no public statement about this situation, nor proposed any solutions that could breathe hope to the city that holds the future of the country’s digital economy.

The Founder of Mambe Nanje whose company was recently in list of Fast Company’s innovative companies is pleased working in Bonako internet refugee camp. This temporal working space is approximately 25 minutes from Buea. “This current internet blackout has jeopardised my business and has cost my company millions of CFA”. Churchill disclosed his frustrations to

A good number of Cameroonians are advocating for the internet to be restored in Anglophone Cameroon. Rebecca Enonchong known as @Africatechie has invested her energy advocating for the internet to be brought back. Rebecca tweets on a daily routine spearheading the #BringBackOurinternet campaign.

Time and money are lost due to Cameroon government’s irrational decision to shut down the internet in the two anglophone regions. Sacrificing the internet to suppress protest is a sign of bad faith. This tech community and every anglophone in the Southern Cameroons want the internet back.

Bonako Internet Refugee Camp will serve these techies temporarily. However, it is appropriate for them to stay and work in the comfort of their offices.

Let’s save our digital economy. #BringBackOurInternet




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