Big Brother Naija arguably is the most viewed reality TV show in Africa also stands out to be one of the most debated shows of all time.

Started as Big Brother Africa under the platform of M-Net and Africa Magic Entertainment on the 25th of May 2003, it brings together 12 contestants under one roof with the pretext of promoting African cultural heritage as well as encourage peaceful coexistence among the participants of different backgrounds and orientations.

It is perhaps the most addictive reality TV show with over 4,000,000 viewers across the Afro-continent. Despite its popularity, the show faces a huge backlash from other individuals. Let us look into the reasons why the show is obsessive and offensive at the same damn time, then we decide if it is worth the hype. Let’s ride

Why the Addiction?

1. Big Brother, a fountain of drama and conflict. We both have this devouring lust for entertainment and distraction which Biggie generously offers. It provides some distractions from the hustle and hurdles of our daily lives, kind of escaping reality to enjoy “reality” on the screen. Entertainment is never lacking for that’s what it’s all about. Viewers always look forward to some mesmerizing drama, backstabbing conflict and dirty sexy moments.

Viewers always look forward to some mesmerizing drama, backstabbing conflict and dirty sexy moments. Bisola fighting with Debbie Rise or Kemen and Marvis conniving to nominate Ese and Jon for eviction or Bisola and Thin tall Tony having erotic moments under the sheets and in the Jacuzzi are some of the highlights the viewers enjoy most. A good story always revolves around drama and conflict right? And who wouldn’t enjoy a lil romance?

2. An inspiration to dream big. The thing with Big Brother is, you see regular people like Efe who is apparently “The Realest” in the house doing regular things and are famous. You a regular person doing regular things also believes you have a shot at being famous, automatically. Building on the rise to stardom of the likes of

Building on the rise to stardom of the likes of Uti of the Jara show or Gideon Okeke of Tinsel you can’t help but feel inspired by their breakthrough success. Biggie gives you the opportunity to fantasize about being famous. People might argue that the modern day celebrity culture is not valid as people become successful for doing nothing but you just want to be successful as easily as possible right?

In summary, Big brother offers some real unscripted an uncensored drama for entertainment as well as motivates you to dream big of being famous in the nearest future. It all sounds okay but there are nonconforming perspectives about the standards of the show. Let us see why the opposition.

Why the Hate?

All opinions against the show can be summed up in one word, IMMORALITY which is against the very basic objective of the show; to promote and preserve the African culture. The “Adult Show” has taken the place of soft porn in the hearts of most of the 4,000,000+ viewers, with a high level of moral decadence being portrayed by the contestants in their indoor life.

This spate of immorality is arguably for the purpose of gaining popularity among the millions of viewers. Sex is lucrative in the entertainment business right? Most mature minds find such scenes uninspiring and loathsome. Some even find them provocative so wonder Pastor Mike Winning, a man of God publicly cursed the organizers and sponsors of the show with financial drought.

Everyone wittingly lives under the illusion that the show is just a game, ignoring the fact that impressions of betrayal and promiscuity are made in the hearts of people, notably the younger viewers. This illusion prompts Dr. Uju Okorie, a Nigerian medical doctor and researcher to blast the organizers in her Facebook post. She refers to them as being unscrupulous capitalists who offer no positive impact to viewers nor the country’s economy. She believes the show could take on perspectives to promote education, entrepreneurship, and leadership which could be used to build the nation.

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show appears to be a 2 sided coin; the virtuous not entertaining side and the scandalous entertaining side, with one side having a higher value than the other, depending on the individual in possession.

What is the appraisal of your own coin? Let us know your thoughts on this controversial Big Brother Naija Reality Show.

Is Big Brother Naija worth the hype (and why)?



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