The achievement of Benjamin Moukandjo as captain of the Football team qualifies him as a good leader with alluring leadership skills contemporary entrepreneurs need to copy. This pragmatic leader of the indomitable lion’s squad breaks all the odds by leading a team lacking in quality and experience to the finals of the African Cup of Nations 2017, defeating Egypt, the people’s favourite.

Cameroon is respected internationally when it comes to football. Unfortunately, Cameroon has not won this trophy since 2002 with a top notch captain like Samuel Eto’o not being able to bring the cup home. Bad leadership had crumbled the credibility of the national team but the leadership skills of Benjamin Moukandjo and the coach of the national team have revived the Squad. The football governing entity of Cameroon known as FECAFOOT has a history of corruption and engaging politics and favouritism in the national team.

Leadership is a behavioural process that influences people, groups and team members towards established goals.
This young energetic and talented athlete possesses a profound sense of purpose. His leadership and direction were seen in his efforts in pulling the national team through some tough situations to the finals of the African Cup of Nations. I watched closely and saw the veritable leadership traits in this striker and I think Benjamin will be a success in soccer this year.

Sports and business have a lot in common. When leadership techniques in one discipline are implemented in the other, it could lead to some success. Moukandjo’s  leadership skills are absolutely irreplaceable and imperative for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs should exploit these 4 leadership skills that Benjamin Moukandjo took advantage of to bring the trophy home.

1. Team Building

The success of every team or business lies in the ability of team leaders to understand team members and manage their complex nature. Individuals differ a lot we all know that. Team leaders have dual functions looking after individual team players and simultaneously steering the team to achieve goal sets. As an entrepreneur, learn to develop interpersonal relationships within and without your organization as Moukandjo did. Remember that the harmony and personal relationship between teammates automatically triggers an uplift in productivity.

2. Problem-solving Skills

Conflict is inherent in any system and leaders must be vigilant enough to read the writing on the wall. As leaders cultivate cohesive teams to achieve goals, problems amongst team players may arise. Moukandjo was always at the forefront to resolve disputes between his teammates and various contestants. Entrepreneurs as team leaders must be categorical in the manner they handle misunderstanding between members and if not they may unconsciously kill team morale and esprit de corps.

3. Motivation Stimulator

Moukandjo knows the importance of motivation. Entrepreneurs must know how to trigger the willingness of workers to exert high levels of efforts to reach the organizational goal. His sportsmanship and ability to encourage, cheer and inspire team members uplifted the team’s morale. This is an opportunity for team leaders and entrepreneurs to discover the 3 C’s of Motivation: collaboration, content, and choice.


Workers feel more motivated to work hard when they’re inspired to cooperate when they have an opportunity to help one another succeed.


Team members will feel more encouraged to outperform when they understand how their work to add value to the organisation


Team members remain motivated when they feel empowered to make decisions about their work.

4. Respect

Respect is one of the elements every team striving to climb the success ladder must inculcate. Respect is mutual. Entrepreneurs must keep this in mind.

Team leaders and members ought to speak well of members and avoid pointing fingers publicly when something goes wrong. Benjamin discovers the value of respect. He has maximum respect for his team members. He approaches them in a friendly manner when they go against the team rules and he treats the inexperienced player as equals.

When entrepreneurs show humility and respect for employees and team members productivity level elevates. Authoritarian leadership really sucks as it scares away creativity and meaningful contribution.

Leadership counts in every domain in life. Benjamin Moukandjo led a team of inexperienced players most of them playing for the first time in such a competition to glory. He was able to take Cameroon’s national team  to victory due to the captain’s leadership skills. Afropreneurs can always pilot their organisations to success with good leadership skills


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