Bamenda Mass Protest. Why this chaos in Bamenda? The inhabitants of Bamenda are fed up and cannot take this hardship anymore. They have collectively taken to the streets in the opposition stronghold of Bamenda, Cameroon.

These unsatisfied set of Cameroonians have decided to take the bull by the horn. They go about shutting down all shops and demanding that their roads must be tarred, house rents must be dropped to affordable standards. Most of all they demand that the city’s development delegate must vacate his position.

Bamenda Mass Protest - Potholes in Bamenda

                                                                 Bamenda Mass Protest – Potholes in Bamenda

According to Cameroon Concord, this Bamenda mass protest has spread to all other neighboring villages, and that even the police are unable to contain the masses.

One of the banners carried by the disgruntled protesters read Ndomu Must Go” accompanied by the chant from the complainant. They were also heard chanting “We no go greee oh, we no go greee”, while brandishing a number of objections. Some voices could be heard straining in the protesting crowd that “we also want President Paul Biya to go”, while some placards bearing messages of , were also being displayed.

This protest is coming at a time when a lot of changes are happening in the country. A number of articles in the Cameroon Penal Code are being revised. The news of the changes are not welcome by the people and they are out to publicly display their disagreement. Cameroonconcord reported that the mass protest in Bamenda is the largest since the 1990 demonstrations took place, when the Social Democratic Front, SDF, was launched in the city.

Bamenda mass protest - Street demonstrations

                                                                            Bamenda mass protest – Street demonstrations

With the energy contained by the protesting crowd, some observers fear that the fever might affect other cities in the country because the talk in the streets recently is focused on the changes that will feature in the penal code under revision. Citizens are worried because the changes will see citizens struggling to survive in their own country penalized for owing two months rents. Many of the changes in the penal code are questionable.

Bamenda people are a set of hard working and peaceful Cameroonians. Their sudden action justifies their hurdles. In life,  people behave the way they do because something triggers them to act in that manner. The Government should see into their worries as soon as possible because we all see problems on the horizon.

The Bamenda mass protest has started just three days before the planned protest against corruption to take place in Limbe.





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