There comes a time in life when the desire to be independent can’t be interrupted. At this stage, you feel it’s time you become responsible and if possible, shoulder the responsibilities of your family come what may. The question of how these desires can be fulfilled, remains a mystery to so many.

Regardless of who you are — your country, color and sex — the thought of making money is a phenomenon you cannot escape. Poverty and suicide have become the talk of the day, due to limited employment opportunities across Africa. Many people see suicide to be the only way they can escape from their responsibilities.

Also, some Africans have lost their values and respect in their homeland all in the name of joblessness. Without embracing suicide as the last option, there are many ways to make money. Take full responsibility of yourself and also invest.

The Power of the Mind

Going through the list of great entrepreneurs, you will discover that everything they have come to establish started from their minds.

Before doing anything, you will agree that it must first come to your mind. Success doesn’t fall from the sky; it must first be conceived in the mind. When you believe that you can do or attain anything, then you can.

How to awaken the entrepreneurship spirit within you

You can be whoever and whatever you choose to become if you believe. Don’t let anyone tell you or give you reason to accept to be a failure. Even where others seem to fail, you can succeed if you believe. Remember, limitation is in the mind and so is success.  

The Power of Creativity

Everything that exists today is as a result of creativity. The cars, phones, shoes and everything we use daily have been created by someone, somewhere. It’s amazing to know that most of these people are those we don’t even know.

How to awaken the entrepreneurship spirit within you

Many think entrepreneurs are specific persons born with special gifts. No! They aren’t. We are all gifted in one way or the other. The difference lies in the fact that they choose to make a difference by creating solutions to a particular problem.

Learn to be creative in any way. Look around you, find out about the problems people are encountering and see how you can provide a solution to it. Try to do something in your own little way and you will find a good result.

You can start Small

Starting up a business in this era is never an easy task to accomplish. Money has always been the reason for many setbacks and failures in our day-to-day life, and it will continue to be.

Deep down inside of you, the thought of how you can start up a business has never given your heart rest. You want to establish a business but your capital limits you. Why not think of starting small instead of waiting for a huge amount as capital?

How to awaken the entrepreneurship spirit within you

In the business world, nothing is ever small. Come to think of it, the great Dangote of today, known as one of the world’s richest men, started by buying and selling candy while in primary school. Now, he is known across the world for his numerous products. Likewise, Bill Gates and many others.

If the world’s famous billionaires can succeed, why can’t you?

While struggling to see how you can make a meaning out of these, you can regress on your life and then, decide on what you really want to be. Whether to be a problem or a solution? The choice is always yours to make. Don’t forget, you are your own limitation”.


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