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Carl here! I'm passionate about personal development, leadership and success. Publisher of the motivational blog, Nkwain Carlson's Blog and author of the upcoming business book "Crazyvity". My goal is to spread knowledge and positivity across the Afro-community and beyond.
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Makonjo Media Wraps up 4 days Web Development Training for Evangelism

Makonjo Media on a Mission To Promote Digital Evangelism In Africa

Makonjo Media, just concluded a 4-day training on web development for Christians and Muslims across Cameroon.Digital evangelism and discipleship in Africa are growing in...

Governments’ Social Media Regulation in Africa: How Possible?

Social Media Regulation has become a song on the lips of most African leaders.Recently, some African leaders, have been threatening to regulate the use...
The Hustler's Digest - IMF Boss Endorses Cryptocurrency

The Hustler’s Digest – IMF Boss Endorses Cryptocurrency

Today’s Quote“If privately issued crypto-assets remain risky and unstable, there may be demand for central banks to provide digital forms of money.”Christine LagardeAfricaGhana’s Agrocenta...

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