That’s right! Missing out on entrepreneurship seminars is probably not something you should ever engage in. There’s a lot to learn especially if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or already a big player in the entrepreneurial world. Most often, these gatherings of some of the finest entrepreneurial minds open up a whole lot of opportunities for you.

Personally, I’m no entrepreneur at least, for now. Neither do I possess those qualities that make an entrepreneur and I may as well have nothing to say that will be of any importance to your business. But what I do know for sure is, I’ve had a few reasons why an entrepreneur such as yourself should partake in workshops on entrepreneurship.

And of course, having been an active participant of one of such events, I gathered some rare skills in the field of entrepreneurship which could actually be of help not only to those already practicing in the field but as well for the newbies and those thinking whether or not to get involved.

That’s the reason I want to share with you some reasons why you should always make it to seminars such as these no matter what happens.

On July 15, I attended a JuvCom (my very first real-time experience with an entrepreneurship seminar). My experience with the JuvCom seminar on Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship exposed me to a whole lot of things.

Many entrepreneurs regard seminars as a waste of time; time they would have used to do something productive or profitable for their businesses. They may be right after all, but not all the way correct. These meetings could help spur your creative business thinking abilities which you had but had no idea you had them.

As an entrepreneur in the making, you’ll get invaluable techniques in starting up your own business. That’s the very reason you should take on such seminars. It is a free business knowledge bank for anyone who wishes to acquire in-depth business skills with little or no financial consideration.

It may sound really weird to think that you don’t need the least of money to kick-start that business idea of yours. What you actually need is the idea you wish to transform into a potential business. That’s always the starting point – identifying a problem maybe in your community and trying to figure out how best you can provide solutions to it.

Though you may need money at some point in the business, you definitely can start up with nothing. Pitching your idea to investors and family/friends could be a good place to start. Once they buy into your vision, that’s it. You’ll just need to sit back and get investments from them.

And this is the catch – what I love when you actually start your business with nothing; when you start with nothing, you have nothing to lose. In case in the future you suffer a major loss in your business, all you need to do is start again. No need to start thinking of how you’ll have to recover the lost money and pay up for loans.

Besides, the corporate world has become an even better and easier journey to embark on though it still remains the riskiest journey one can ever take. With the so many startup hubs springing up around Buea (ActivSpaces, Jongo-Hub,…) that help transform innovative ideas into funded startups, there’s possibly no reason why you can’t launch your own business today.

One thing I love about entrepreneurship seminars is the fact that they give you the opportunity to pitch your idea to potential investors. You never know where your first investor may come from but if you get involved in entrepreneurial workshops, that idea of yours may just get picked up by an investor.

why attend entrepreneurship seminars
Ashu Carine got her first investor at               the Juvcom Seminar

This young lady who uses cheap African fabric to redesign bad shoes and bags secured her first investor during the seminar after pitching her idea to the crowd. She calls this process, “revamping.” Kenya and some other African countries recently decided to ban the importation of second-hand clothes and foot-wears from the US in a bid to promote the country’s textile industry.

This is just an awesome idea that could potentially boost Cameroon’s textile industry as well as reducing the amount of waste.

The opportunities involved in attending entrepreneurship seminars are endless. You could profit some inspiration for an idea you can later develop on, or perhaps, find yourself a partner to work with on your project.


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