Art is something which speaks to almost everyone of us, but just like many handmade works in our country, it doesn’t often get the attention or appraisal it deserves. Having stumbled on one of this young artist’s amazing works, we decided to sit him down for a brief interview. This artist tells us a little more about what triggers him to come up with beautiful pieces, and how he tells his country’s stories in his works.

AFROHUSTLER : Tell us a little bit about yourself.

JULIUS MBATE: My name is Julius Mbatte Wanneh. I am a young Cameroonian artist, who is so passionate about art as a whole.

AH : When did you discover your talent ?

JM : I discovered the potential in me when I was still a small boy and when I grew up I started developing the potential into this talent that we are talking about.

AH : As an artist, did you get all the support from your family, or your parents thought you were crazy?

JM : My family appreciated my artistic works, but they had other plans for me. So as time went on, they discovered that I was so committed, so they had no other choice but to give me their support of which I am very grateful.

AH : I see a lot of musical expressions in your art. Are you a musician too?

JM : Yes I do music too. I am a gospel reggae  musician.

Julius Mbate Wanneh

AHWhere do you draw inspiration from to come up with a great piece ?

JM : I am inspired by the life we are living.  The challenges we go through in our daily life and the successes we achieve when we overcome the challenges, also inspire me.

AH : How do you design your paintings?

JM : My paintings are designed from conceptions that represent events in our society or life situations.

AH : What are the most common difficulties you face each day?

JM : My difficulties are all centered around my arts enterprise; that is the strategies I need to put in place for the growth of the enterprise.


AH : How do you market yourself?

JM : People that love my arts do advertise me. Also, I do advertise myself when I am invited to take part in some events like seminars, marriages, and many others, and through the media like the Facebook. I recently created  my own Facebook page called the Narty Studio 1, where I post pictures of some of my painting.

AH : Does our society really appreciate artists? What do you think can be done to better market you people?

JM : Of course our society does appreciate artists. They are a source of positive inspiration to the communities in our society. However, I think platforms should be created , where artists  could display their artistic works to better expose them to the public, (home and abroad) so that they could easily market their products, thereby increasing their living standards and the economy of the society as a whole.

AH : What can you say to some young artist out there who needs advice?

JM : My advice to someone out there is, do not let your challenges overshadow you. Just believe in yourself and be positive in your thoughts. I assure you nothing will stop you from getting to where you want.




TEL: 650 734 822

Facebook: Narty Studio 1


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