Since its creation in 2004, the Assembly of Telecommunication Regulators of Central Africa (ARTAC) has been in a deep sleep. The assembly has since failed to carry out its activities in countries of Central Africa and Rwanda. This, however, led to a meeting from August 6 to 7, 2018 in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea to revitalize its activities. As a result, a permanent secretariat was established under the leadership of a Cameroonian, Alhadji Ali.

ARTAC’s main objective is to share experience between telecom regulators. It also aims at setting up modern legislative and regulatory structures for providing telecommunication services in its member states. Most importantly, it looks forward to the gradual integration of regulatory mechanisms by integrating telecoms services.

About Alhadji Ali, ARTAC’s new boss

Alhadji Ali is a senior staff member of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency of Cameroon. Based on his experience in the field, the members of the organisation believe his expertise is what they need to move ahead.

ARTAC has been dormant for a few years now. The meeting in Malabo was an opportunity to wake the organisation from its so many years of sleep.

ARTAC Gets a New Lead With a Cameroonian, Alhadji Ali.
Alhadji Ali, Head of the Permanent Secretariat ARTAC

According to Ali, the meeting was a launching opportunity for the resumption of it’s activities.  Some decisions taken include, in particular, the editing of the statutes to give ARTAC a better visibility in the field.

“There was a constitution of working groups on specific themes on which ARTAC is called to work. It is on this dynamic that we will rest to revive the activities of ARTAC,” Alhadji said.

However, he further explained that based on the agreement during the meeting in Malabo, ARTAC will focus primarily on coordination of frequencies at the borders and the reduction of roaming costs in the sub-region.

As the Permanent Secretary, Alhadji Ali will ensure the implementation of the objectives and action plans as agreed by the Conference of Regulators. “It’s an administrative role. A sort of kingpin of ARTAC,” he explained.

Cameroon’s actions in reviving the activities of ARTAC

Alhadji Ali believes that the success of the organisation depends greatly on the support that the Cameroonian regulator will provide to the permanent secretariat within it.

“Cameroon, through ART, is the regulator guarantor of ARTAC. As such, it hosts the permanent secretariat. And as I said earlier, this secretariat is the linchpin of ARTAC. The success of ARTAC depends greatly on the support that the Cameroonian regulator will provide to the permanent secretariat within it. We know that in the field of telecoms in Central Africa, Cameroon is a driving force. If the locomotive works well, the cars will follow. The work that is expected of the ART is, therefore, very important in the revival of ARTAC’s activities and in the smooth running of the activities of this organization,” he said.

With utmost joy, Alhadji Ali expressed his depth of gratitude to the DG of ART, Philémon Zo’o Zame, for the confidence in him. He equally thanked all the members who approved the proposal as a candidate for the position.

While the assembly begins its revitalizing work, we hope for the best and a positive impact in Cameroon and Africa as a whole.


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