Alexandra Ondoua-Ayong is one of Cameroon’s young successful and leading female entrepreneur whose experiences and point of view will trigger Cameroonian young ladies to develop that entrepreneurial drive, build a business of their own and be empowered. A corporate woman abandons a corporate job to be her own boss. That  sounds interesting!

”I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur, be my own boss. After I graduated (master’s degree in communication) and gave birth to my 2nd son, I decided to go back home (Cameroon) and I started my very first own business in the communications field,” said Alexandra.

We are conversant about the woman issue in Africa, and women are now taking the lead in business, politics and entertainment. Alexandra Ondoua-Ayong is a go-getter who is motivated by her own failures which propel her to achieve greater milestones in her career path. From the very beginning, this young entrepreneur always wanted to be her own boss. Behold, today she is proud of BIZGO Consulting Group, a Cameroon-based communication agency, which is specialized in corporate events organization and editing. This organization work exclusively with public and private organizations and entrepreneurs.

Alexandra Ondoua-Ayong is a holder of a master’s degree in communication as well as an MBA in Project Management and Business Engineering both obtained in France. This rich academic profile enabled this founder to work for Fleishmann Hillard (France), DDB (France), McCann Erickson (France), and also as a communication intern to the United Nations Yaoundé.

There is an assertion which goes thus; formal education doesn’t make one a successful in business. This belief is outdated and subjective. From the experiences of Alexandra Ayoung, entrepreneurs must undergo formal education and capacity building which goes a long way to help you to think out of the box, act as a manager, figure out and implement the best strategies to satisfy clients and keep the business afloat.

As an entrepreneur, challenge is a factor that tests our credibility. To achieve our business milestones, we fall and rise up to pursue our course. Linda Ikeji had to shut down her startup and work from the comfort of her parents’ home when she was unable to pay office rents, but she stood her grounds and she is the most successful African blogger.

Alexandra felt as given up but stayed focus on her goals. Being a mother of two boys she had two major challenges balancing her personal life with these kids and raising money to invest in her agency. Crucial moments always don’t last. She had to figure out ways to grow her business and make it profitable. This founder believed in her startup and her consistency in business gave her paying clients. As a consequence, she was able to save more money that enabled her to expand the business.

As an award-winning woman, Alexandra holds that African women should dream and have the courage to dare because they are more responsible with money. She insists that studies show, for instance, women share money within the family more fairly. However, they need to know that entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses and requires them to be risk takers.


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