Akwajob’s ActiveSearch is the Easiest Way to Get a Job


In order to assist job seekers in their job application process and help them get their dream job, Akwajobs has created a platform called ActiveSearch.

With ActiveSearch, the pain of having to step on so many job opportunities asking for ridiculous years of experience you don’t have is over. Moreover, some people spend hundreds of thousands and even millions to pay agents to get jobs for them, which at the end they never have. This is the perfect solution for all job seekers who must have given up in applying for jobs and never get called up for a single interview.

However, most job seekers don’t get called up for interviews either because of a poor Curriculum Vitae, or Motivation letter, the inability to perfectly outline your skills on your CV and some other little errors. Some of us even get called up for interviews, but because we didn’t do our pre-preparations well, we don’t get the job. All of these will be handled for you by your very own ActiveSearch career Coach. Better still, it will cost you absolutely nothing to get on with the process.

What ActiveSearch Does for You.

  • WeUPGRADEyour CVs and motivation letters as per your Career Paths
  • WeSEARCHandAPPLYon your behalf
  • PREPAREyou forINTERVIEWSwhen they come
  • COUNSELyou on job offers andSALARYnegotiations

What are the Benefits of ActiveSearch?

  • A dedicatedCareer Coachto bring out the best in you
  • A profile that sells you better than any other (SmartProfile)
  • Search and apply by theAkwajobs Teamon your behalf
  • Significantdiscounts on trainingthat enhance your career aspirations

How much does it cost?

  • Registration fee:15,000 F CFA
  • **Success fee**:25,000 F CFA

**Success fees is paid only after you earn your first salary from the job we helped get for you.**



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