Akon’s $1bn Africa Investment, An Eye-opener for Reluctant African Americans. Could this be a dream-come-true for the place which has always been referred to as the Dark Continent?

The call made by Akon encouraging  African-Americans to return to Africa has been received with mixed feelings not only by the African Americans themselves, but Africans as well. But by the time you read through this article, you will know that there could be no better arrangement than what Akon proposes.

From the point of view of cultural heritage, Afro-Americans were shipped from their various countries some hundreds of years ago to the Americas. The American soil is alien to all Afro-Americans and no matter how much they desire the continent, they cannot meet fulfillment entirely. Therefore, retracing their origin and identifying with the culture thereof is of symbolic importance.

He says things that only an honest one can say.

Does the artist mean that all families of African descent should pack and relocate with their entire families to Africa? Absolutely not! But if there is such a possibility, it is laudable. Africa is a continent full of human and material potentials, craving for potential investors and humanists such as our hero, Akon.

Some great American companies such as Uber and Citi Bank have already seized this opportunity. Some Africans from Europe like Jason Njoku , Jerome Almon are some of the few examples that have identified this niche that needs attention. Specifically, Africa needs investments in the domain of potable water, roads, electricity, education, and health.

Having grown in deplorable conditions characterized by lack of good potable water and electricity, and seeing the reluctance in his grandmother to relocate to a better town in spite of his wealth and fame, it dawned on the R&B singer and producer that something needed to be done not only for his granny, but the continent as a whole. This is therefore what pushed him to seek assistance from the Chinese Government and investors to the tune of $1bn. With this huge loan, Akon hopes to provide electricity to over six hundred people in Africa.

As of now, over eighty million people in more than fourteen villages have benefitted from this largesse. These are people we need for Africa to grow. Akon’s $1bn Africa Investment is the way forward.

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