Just as Africa’s population is growing massively by the day, the demand for food supply becomes the talk of the day. Like a wild fire, this demand has spread like a disease across Africa; and everyone is griped with fear. Faced with this challenge,  agripreneurs are devising possible solutions to this without waiting for the governments.

Agriculture appears to be the most important sector of the Africa economy, but what becomes of Africa if this sector sinks? Indeed, it’s high time Africans rose to see what can be done to save humanity.

Africa without food in time to come

According to the US Senior Adviser for the Bureau of Food and Security Agency, food issues could become as politically destabilizing by 2050 as energy issues are today. In most parts of Africa, millions of people are already suffering and dying because of hunger.

Agripreneurs on a Drive to Promote Food Security in Africa

From statistics, a majority of victims are likely to be children, through health and physical development challenges. This is, especially, in East Africa where frequent droughts are also a challenge. Thus, more than 15 million children in countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia are reportedly facing starvation. Statisticians equally estimate that about 6.9 million of them suffer from malnutrition and related health complications.

With this, one can obviously imagine the fate of Africa in the nearest future without provisions in place to prevent the continuous rise of food scarcity.

Agripreneurs & food security efforts in Africa

Africa’s agripreneurs are increasingly using the agricultural transformation programs of the past and present governments to drive food security. Examples of these agripreneurs include; Easyshop Easycook and Gloo.ng.

Easyshop Easycook

With the aim of serving humanity, Saudat Salami runs this company since 2012. Easyshop Easycook provides food shopping service to the working middle class. According to Salami, the company aims to drive food safety solutions which should also support Africa’s food export initiatives.

Agripreneurs on a Drive to Promote Food Security in Africa

“Our vision is to optimize the fresh food supply chain by empowering the various participants and delivering repeatable value.

Despite significant demand on the customer end, it has been realized that friction is causing massive amounts of waste and fraud in our food supply. It, therefore, becomes incredibly important that we offer a streamlined pipeline to local farming communities. This should be done, while also providing them the opportunity to generate greater income through optimization and increase the supply of quality food ingredients to business and retail customers,” Saudat Salami said.


The objectives of Easyshop Easycook above, show a direct relationship with another Nigerian agribusiness- Gloo.ng.


Similarly, Gloo.ng preserves and supplies fresh food to city dwellers in Lagos. Olumide Olusanya is founder and manager of the company since 2012.  Interestingly, Gloo.ng is also Nigeria’s biggest online food market.

Made with Rural

Knowing how much agriculture means to humanity, Leeko Mokoena founded Made with Rural in South Africa. Made with Rural is a company that helps small-scale farmers create economies of scale through group buying and selling.

Agripreneurs on a Drive to Promote Food Security in Africa

The company’s mobile app, Go Rural, enables producers to access industry information and track scales.

Chabana Farms

Driven by the love for agriculture and community, Mavis Mduchwa founded Chabana Farm in 2011. Situated in Botswana, the farm creates a marketing platform that enables farmers to enter the global market. Chabana Farms is basically a farming and organic food products company.

Agripreneurs on a Drive to Promote Food Security in Africa

The above mentioned ventures are innovative services that give hope to food processing ventures in Africa. It is, therefore, necessary that food security stakeholders give due consideration and support to such innovations across the continent.




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