Long ago, agriculture was regarded as a domain for low-class citizens. When referring to the poorest population in Africa, it is always those engaged in the agricultural sector. But today, agriculture is now taking a different turn with recent trends in modern technology. Among is the AglQ app which uses Internet of Things (IoT) to help African farmers. With this development, farmers can now cultivate their farmlands with less stress. 

Farmers can now use AglQ app to monitor their farms
Farmers using AglQ new mobile app in farms

It is time for farmers to boast about the new technologies that are making the agri-tech sector in Africa booming. In order to make things more favourable, Thinus Enslin, founder and owner of Potchefstroom-based agronomy company AgriPrecise created a new mobile app to make farming smooth for African farmers.

According to Enslin, the app will help farmers produce crops efficiently. Farmers will also know the right amount of chemicals to put on their farms.

The arrival of this app is a blessing to African farmers as it will help them cut down on excessive spending on applying fertilizers on their farms. With AglQ, farmers’ yield will definitely be healthy as crops will receive the required fertilizers needed for their growth. Should farmers not say they are part of the Android generation?

All about AglQ app for farmers

The new mobile app presents a platform that is easy to use and understand. According to its founder, it will help farmers collect and use data more efficiently. Farmers usually do not know the exact quantity of fertilizer to apply on their crops. Considering that over-fertilizing is not good for the environment and under-fertilizing is not good for the crops, the app helps farmers to get the appropriate quantity of fertilizer that the environment and crops need.

It is evident that this is not the first mobile app that is revolutionizing farming. However, AglQ app comes with a special dash. That of multiyear data analysis that will help farmers get details on soil development. It also presents the state of the crops — indicating what the crops need for proper growth.

“By using the data that has been collected by AglQ, we can analyze, interpret and identify trends in real-time. Now, you have one secure platform that collects and manages your information,” Enslin said. The presence of an expert agronomist on the team who enjoys travelling gives them room to work with international clients without stress.

Farmers can now tell the exact quantity of fertilizer needed with AglQ new mobile app
AglQ new mobile app collects data to help farmers determine what their farms need

Farmers will be able to apply the exact amount of fertilizers that will help them have good produce. This is made possible with accurate soil sampling and satellite imagery that can continuously monitor the state of the farm.

With such development, bringing IoT to agriculture in Africa will go a long way to unlock the potential of this sector. Also, it will help curb the challenges that have held back farming in Africa for a long time.



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