Dear Readers, Afro Hustlers!

I think the world is really changing and Africa is really rising, despite what the media says. The solutions for Africa, solving African problems will only come out of Africa and be championed by Africans. For me, this is the future I see.

Over the years, our continent, Africa has, without doubt, proven to be one of the continents of the world that has the fastest-growing economies. Every day, Africa, therefore, continues to give birth to new and vibrant entrepreneurs, Afro hustlers, and startups that are set to transform the economy of this wonderful and rich continent of ours.

At the moment, there is a rising number of young Africans who are building fast-growing companies in technology, healthcare, engineering, hospitality, food manufacturing, and any other industry you can possibly think of. They are creating wealth as well as jobs. Igniting the entrepreneurial spark among their peers. And most importantly, playing vital roles in the continent’s economic transformation. Ask these young Africans how they got to where they are today and they’ll tell you it’s just hard work. And I fully agree with them.

But one of the biggest problems I see at present is the lack of true African stories. Everything you read online about startup success is typically about a white male who dropped out of an elite school. Raised a ton of money and built a company with it. But where are the African stories? Where are the stories about our Afro Hustlers? Who are those vibrant Afro Hustlers we should watch out for?

Watch out for the Afro hustlers to watch

Today, we’re offering you an opportunity to get to know these young and very promising sunbeams in Africa. We believe that just knowing them could go a long way to help you become one soon. That’s why I’m writing this letter, inviting you to look forward to the Afro Hustlers To Watch in 2019 series.

The Afro Hustlers To Watch in 2019 series is a weekly publication where we’ll feature lists of top startups and entrepreneurs to watch in 2019. For this series, we’ll focus each list on a specific sector in Cameroon and Nigeria. We will be working with general, tech, entertainment, agro and non-profit entrepreneurs and startups in Africa.

This week, we’re featuring Top 5 Cameroonian Startups to Watch in 2019 and Top 5 Nigerian Startups to Watch in 2019. But we’re also eager to know what you’ll want us to feature in our Afro Hustlers To Watch in 2019 series. You can contact us through or by WhatsApp: +237 677 243 603.

Emmanuel Ngwa

Assistant Editor for Featured Stories & Publications, Afro Hustler.



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