The term HUSTLING is highly used  by  Africans, Afro Hustler. An afro man calls his/her daily struggles and hurdles of life a hustle. An old adage says success comes to those who hustle in life. This is very true.  When we struggle in life, we sometimes  get discouraged because things don’t turn out as we expected . But we fail to understand that trial and tribulations give us  the wisdom and  experience we need to be successful.

We are trapped in a world where  talents and skills are the new certificates. You may have all the qualifications in the world but when you lack the necessary skills to perform on the job you could stay jobless. Perhaps, as a hustler, you should go in for skills and talent. Moreover,  here is a list of zero talent that will guide you become a great Afro Hustler. Don’t hesitate  to make use of these free of charge talents in your daily lives.

1. BEING ON TIME: Punctuality is an integral factor in regards to becoming a successful Afro Hustler. The importance of punctuality is not universal and varies from culture to culture. Being on time assures you’re at your best and automatically builds your self-confidence. Being on time to appointments and meetings is a phase of self-discipline and an evidence of self-respect. Punctuality is a courteous compliment the intelligent person pays to his associates. Marvin J. Ashton


2. WORK ETHIC: A good work ethic will help you now and in the future. A good work ethic consists of the following qualities such as dependability, professional behavior, adaptability and positive attitude. Your good work ethic tells future employers what they might expect from you on the job.When you have a good work ethic you become reliable automatically.


3. EFFORT:  As an Afro Hustler  success depends on two related factors—attitude and effort. Being consistent in your work will enable you achieve your goals. Keep trying and never give up is called effort . It is normal to face challenges but we overcome these challenges when we decide to chip in more effort and thrive on.When we are persistent and consistent we are bound to achieve our goals in life. Never give up!


4. PASSION: Passion gives you the drive to go on and pushes you to learn more.When you’re Passionate about your job it makes work fun. Alos, passion is the beginning of success. Being passionate about your hustle will make you successful. I know of folks who complain about their jobs on a daily basis. Do you know why? It’s simple! They got there just because of the  money. As a hustler go in for what you’re passionate about and eventually before noticing it, your job becomes a part of you.


5. ATTITUDE:  Attitude is the “advance man” of our true selves. Attitude is both our best friend and our worst enemy. It is more honest and more consistent than our words.You must improve the attitude you hold towards yourself. To make a successful Afro Hustler, learn to overcome fear and to deal with rejection and failure in order to increase your productivity while saving time and money.


6. BEING COACHABLE: Being coachable requires a set of interpersonal skills which allows us to learn, grow and achieve our potential. There are many times when talented players aren’t able to reach their full potential due to a lack of coachability. Learn because you want to and learn for the sake of professional enrichment. We should humble ourselves and follow the advice of our mentors and coaches. To be a real hustler, learn to zip your ergo in your wallet and learn from experienced coaches.


7. BEING PREPARED: Being prepared should be part of your DNA if you dream of becoming a successful person in life. Proper planning prevents poor preparedness. The more prepared you are, the better your chance for success.


Adopting the above zero talent efforts will assist you to become that hustler you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Hustle with a purpose and hustle consistently. Constant reading  and studying of motivational books will go a long way to furnish your insight.  Goodluck!! Go for the Gold.



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